Sunday, 5 June 2016

I'm Still Here

It's been forever since I've posted, sincere apologies to you, my dear readers. I feel even worse about not following those to whom I subscribe; a true travesty, I am filth. Not the good Nurgle filth, I mean the 3rd edition Wood Elves filth, the kind you can't wash out.
I never make them but this time I have an excuse...
The greatest joy in my life arrived. I cannot say how he's enriched my life, and just over a month old and 62cm long, I hope the Alpha Legion, if not the Dark Angels are recruiting. 
Enough of that; Here's a work in progress shot of my Void Dragon Eldar Pirates.
I know, reduced to WIP shots, what has this Blog come to? Next it will be "look what I bought" posts.  
I've got to say, the Rogue Trader Goodwin Eldar are the best ever sculpted. Period. If you disagree, beat it. Of course all the detail makes these guys a pain in the ass to paint compared to my beloved Skaven; such a joy, strangely they're nearly all Goodwin sculpts as well, God I miss them.
In that vein I got my big bastard repaired and pinned; 
Once these 10 Eldar are done I will get him finished. I can't wait to give my caster a scroll of summon greater daemon and see what happens, with my luck he will turn into chaos spawn. 
Thanks for reading feels good to be back, hopefully within the next couple weeks I'll have more.
Thanks for sopping by.