Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Today's progress

 42 finished Skavenslaves with spears, slings, musician and standard bearer. I popped a couple giant rats in as well just for fun and a motivator (slavemaster) to keep them in line, just for flavour not that my list actually calls for this unit to contain a champion. Here's a couple more shots:
So 42 down and a bunch to go (I really don't want to think about it right now; I'm just happy to see the unit finished, really really finished because I didn't give the little meat shields their own. 
Here's some work on my BSB, not sure about the staff's wrapping it came out a bit fat but in the grand scheme I don't think it'll really matter:
Still lots to do, I'm very tempted to show my wip banner but ill resist hopefully sometime this weekend. 
Thanks for stopping by! 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Today's progress

Nothing crazy just my last 8 skaven levy ready for basing, and a bit of work on my BSB, painting the banner itself has been about 2 hours of work already and it's nowhere near finished and is nowhere near as cool as Nico's, his tutorial is really great and u should all check it out. I'm off to the cottage so no chance of entering Chico's challenge, would've been nice to have gotten the banner finished in time. 
Ah well. I hope the finished result is worth the wait. 
Hopefully I will have some more progress for you all Sunday night. 
Have a good weekend

Friday, 11 July 2014

Today's progress

Hey there skaven fans haven't been on in awhile, well at least not on my own but I finally sat down and got some work done here's today's progress:
Just a lot of assembly and some undercoating but it's a step in the right direction. An old opponent of mine challenged me to 1500pts near the end of august so here's my list for your perusal 
Wizard 20
20 hero parasitic spear light arm shield
10 hero BSB relic standard spear light arm shield 
23 Clanrats spear shield light arm musician and standard
24 Clanrats spear shield light arm musician and standard
10 gutter runners shield sling 
43 skaven levy spear sling mus standard
20 plague monks light arm stn mus relic standard
4 jezzailachis 
1 Warpfire thrower

Not my most competitive list by a long shot but it'll be fun, my old friend cares more about a good time than crushing his opponent which will be a welcome change. Here's the army progress so far 
I'm still fiddling with my 3k list but it's in the ballpark of 220 figs. 
Lots to do before October; have at thee Yankee!