Thursday, 24 July 2014

Today's progress

Nothing crazy just my last 8 skaven levy ready for basing, and a bit of work on my BSB, painting the banner itself has been about 2 hours of work already and it's nowhere near finished and is nowhere near as cool as Nico's, his tutorial is really great and u should all check it out. I'm off to the cottage so no chance of entering Chico's challenge, would've been nice to have gotten the banner finished in time. 
Ah well. I hope the finished result is worth the wait. 
Hopefully I will have some more progress for you all Sunday night. 
Have a good weekend


  1. Coming along a treat there Rat Bro!

    That mini really does make an excellent Army Standard Bearer even if I do say so myself!

    1. Yes sir I would agree, I think this is the most commonly used fig for skaven BSB conversions but I've got a few bitz box gubbins which may help him stand out .

  2. Nice Work, love the conversion of the BSB. Coincidentally I have just been converting my BSB up too!

  3. Your army must really be coming along then; congrats. I've still got 50 or so more troops to finish for my 1500 Pts army. Slowly but surely I'll get there.