Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Final Skaven Regiment Finished

I couldn't stand looking at my last two Black Skaven sitting on my desk half painted, it was driving me nuts.
With some trepidation I picked up a brush with my sinister hand and the results are in;
The Ayatollah of rock and rolla, the bringer of base armed with a mace,
er...sword. Swords are good too. 
The standard bearer turned out a bit crap frankly. 
For some reason my dark tone wash just sucked the colour right out of him, I think it was due to the bottle being near empty so possibly the pigment settled at the bottom. On the plus side I think the skeletal bracket and topper turned out fine. 
As I said last post the ruinous powers are fickle, I like to think I've gotten some kind of ambidexterity; they turned out pretty good, for my sinister hand at least.
Here are the last of my skaven to finish up for this leg of the marathon;
Not sure if I'll use gnawdoom (3rd from right), I really like how festerlice turned out 
But he'll get painted up anyway. I am lucky enough to have 3 of him so I could use them as poison wind globadiers down the road. 
I've also been lucky enough to have familiars for my sorcerers so this little guy has to get finished up as well;
I'll just use them as clanrats unless I get an opponent who wants to eschew the armies book and play an open game using whatever you like, which to me is what the game was designed for. 
I've also managed to get some organization done; 
I'm less than halfway but it was humbling to realize how much unpainted lead I've got. I'm sure we all have a ton of it.
I can't wait to get this power glove off and get started on some 40k, painting up 20 models for a full game sounds very appealing right about now.
Thanks for watching and please comment. I'd like to hear what y'all think :) 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Ruinous Powers are Fickle

There I was, 3 rank and file to finish, the Sirens call of Mortal Kombat X falling upon deaf ears. Nothings to stand in my way, not even:
A far too ambitious a conversion for a first timer
Pish posh get it done pansy!
Mild lines which only appear during painting, which then resulting in filed off fingers?
No problem green stuff up
Jobs a good un (for me).
Almost done, finish lines in sight: two wash coats, three highlights and I can move onto my last 5 characters and my reward project. Oldhammer USA weekend could happen! 
Man makes plans as they say.....
Eight weeks out of commission: 3 broken knuckles, nerve and tendon damage, probable plastic surgery. 
The wife asks are you sad cause it hurts? No love, I'm sad I can't paint or even hold a hobby blade or clippers.

The ruinous powers are fickle.