Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Ruinous Powers are Fickle

There I was, 3 rank and file to finish, the Sirens call of Mortal Kombat X falling upon deaf ears. Nothings to stand in my way, not even:
A far too ambitious a conversion for a first timer
Pish posh get it done pansy!
Mild lines which only appear during painting, which then resulting in filed off fingers?
No problem green stuff up
Jobs a good un (for me).
Almost done, finish lines in sight: two wash coats, three highlights and I can move onto my last 5 characters and my reward project. Oldhammer USA weekend could happen! 
Man makes plans as they say.....
Eight weeks out of commission: 3 broken knuckles, nerve and tendon damage, probable plastic surgery. 
The wife asks are you sad cause it hurts? No love, I'm sad I can't paint or even hold a hobby blade or clippers.

The ruinous powers are fickle.


  1. No way! Hard cheese man (get what I did there, skaven...cheese). You are still goign to get to OH USA though yes? Hope you feel much better soon.

    1. Cheers orclord Ernie, if I do go to OHUSA it will be a close thing. My real life is still in the way as ever but the allure of playing 3,000pts or more on an international level is very enticing. I also wanted to bring along some bad moons rogue trader orks for the Alamo game and a repainted Goiath gang for some Necro.
      We'll have to see how it pans out.
      Thanks for the well wishes.

  2. Ouch!! Dude that sucks so bad :( hope you're back in action soon! In the meantime I think you're obliged to learn how to paint WITH YOUR FACE! It's the only way ;)

  3. Haha thanks daemonlord Ross. Being an idiot I tried some brushwork today completely ignoring doctors orders. Most painful. I'm confident I can manage undercoating with my left and basing is no issue; I've learned a thing or two basing 200+ rats so I think I can manage.
    Face painting may not be in the cards however...

  4. Arrghh. I've been there, man. Get healed up soon.

    1. Cheers Mouse, can't wait to finish these bastards and jump to the 41st millennium.

    2. When I was too broken to do anything real, I tried to concentrate on big subjects like monsters and vehicles and terrain pieces and things. Broad strokes. No detail work. It was tough, but I at least managed to get a few things done.

    3. My top secret (not really) reward project is fairly large, I could probably put in a couple hours here and there.
      Getting some mojo going may be the biggest hurdle.

  5. Major Drag, 24_Cigs! If only green stuff could work for humans too! Maybe get a whole bunch of playing in instead of painting. Either way, good luck and I wish you a swift healing!

  6. Cheers PW, gaming has been problematic, trying to get a game in with sir sully of Oldhammer in toronto hopefully sometime soon. Other than that I've just been playing xcom enemy within repeatedly, such a great game especially on the iPhone 6.
    Of course having a broken hand doesn't stop you from buying figures so that's a plus right? RIGHT?
    Oh well I guess skitarii can be used as cultists, imperial guard, cyborgs and of course Skitarii, I actually played the "new" version of 40k and I really enjoyed it. Tell no-one or they'll revoke my Oldhammer card.