Saturday, 31 January 2015

Continued 24hr challenge

So i was relieved from work only 2 hours late made it home around 1:30am
Straight to work, step 1 stripping (heh):
Here's the goop after 12 hours of setting 
I then put them straight into a cup of wash detergent 
From there I'm at work. For tough jobs I use sand just dip a toothbrush into detergent then into sand and start scrubbing it will peel most paint off.
But these guys turned out aces, no car primer used here, came off like butter; no need for dental picks or blue tac on crevices. Five more mins of work I could sell em as brand new.
Step 2 basing:
Gaps are filled with blue tac
Glue a 20mm base down on your thinnest sheet of plasticard because in 3rd ed jezzailachis are on 2x20mm bases, and count as weapons teams, so better they rank up.
Get a steel ruler, glue down another 20mm base and line it up flush.5
To save time we sand the base now 
A thin strip of GS melds the gap and we paint around where the gunner model is to be placed (I used a green paint it shows up shit in photos) around which we glue and apply sand. 
Step 2: base coating 
I used the army painter leather on the crutch bearer and white on the gunner.
First models I've primed without my lucky priming box but seemed to work.
Step 3 paint; broken down by colour:
Step 1: Eyes mech rite red followed by old blood red to "pop" after the wash coats.
Two: Pale flesh for the skin tones, I used to use elf flesh but it was too orange
3: Calthan brown for any fur touch ups 
I was going to bitch out and paint these guys up in my plague monk scheme but after reviewing this photo
I realized I gotta do the right thing and keep them in the clan scourge colours. Means more work. 
4: Tamiya for the blue clothing, love this colour used to mix with water to dilute but switched to lahmian medium, works really well, even without a wet palette.
Time now is 2:15 most of that has been drying time. 
At this point I'm just trying to get shit done:
Time now is 5:38am model is based, painted and still very wet. 
Once it's all dry I'll finish by 12pm then off to victory (not) for the Underempire! 

Friday, 30 January 2015

24 Hour Challenge

I used to do these all the time in high school and college, essentially you sit down with as much untouched product as you can, your preferred stimulants and attempt to get as much work on your army done in 24 hours. I've seen people crank out 40k ARMIES in 48hr challenges but that likely involved liver and kidney damage. Well today is the grown up version: 
I've a game planned for tomorrow and was counting on an ebay win to come in quickly, well it came in today here's a before shot:
So I've got 24 hours in which to strip, paint and base this little darling for use in tomorrow's game.
Oh and I'm off to work now until hopefully only 11pm and I get relieved on time. Ya right. But I will not be deterred 
So step 1: Stripping! (Heh) 
That's them in their own private bath. They've been in for about 5 minutes, see the paint already lifting? Lovely stuff!
See you all after work, wish me luck etc. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Today's Progress

Third Warpfire thrower done, start to finish, took all night but its done

Fixed the bases on my chaos hounds, two of my faves:
Nice 200pt unit 
Up next Clan Scourge goes ninja styles 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Today's progress

I guess everyone who's been around awhile has a verminlord, it only took me until 2014 to collect one and 3 months to get the balls to work on him. From the beginning I wanted him leaning further forward than anyone else's it screams aggression, rape, pillage cause decay in the name of the Horned Rat. He's myf first large monster ever pinned and green stuffed 
The Lord of Shadows takes shape 
Repositioned left arm;  I wanted it pointing down as if to say "You, yes you there in the robes, you're fucked, no not the swordsman there, YOU!"
Rebuilt back to have him leaning further forward 
This shot shows the elevated neck a lot bettler. I wanted him looking where  his finger was pointing and to have his chin off his chest. I'd never understood why his face had been left so incredible static; it looks like a kindergarten kid wearing a an African mask. I wanted his head lifted a bit more action than hero pose. I think it makes him look  a bit wulfen esque but that is not a bad thing (anything which reminds you of Rackham is a good thing) 
Ive always wanted this figure and not that I'm one to bid and tell (because I despise fuckers who post nan na na na na look what I got mincers) I secured him for £8.
Paint to come soon(ish). As for anyone who thought he couldn't fill a 50mm base, well nuts to you he looks goddamn triumphant. Once my current ebay bids win  his base will be swarming in giant rats. Mwa ha ha. MWA-HA-HA etc

As always comment thanks

Today's progress

Warlord Srillix Completed
Went for a different approach to the basing this time round saved a lot of time
The results turned out pretty good
Unfortunately his spear blade snapped so I had to green stuff and pin in back into place. It looks a bit sloppy but I knew if i tried it over again it would turn out worse. 
So, with warlord Skrillix done I've got two weapons teams and some movement trays to finish for my next game. 
I'm Very excited, it will definately be the most skaven I've put on the table in quite some time. I've only got a week to get everything done and finalize an army list. I've been laid out with strep throat, so I gotta climb back up on that horse. 
Wish me luck and let me know what you think of Skrillix.
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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Today's progress

Giant Rats DONE! 
30 of Clan Moulder's finest in all their glory, well the little glory giant rats muster
In a unit this big it's nice to have a little eye catcher so I used one of the reaper rat 'piles' and painted each one a different fur colour, and mounted them on a 20x40mm base.
Looks much better than the all brown variant I went with a few days ago. 
Here's another view 
Really happy with the results, next up for clan scourge is Warlord Skrillix
I've been writing a bit of story from the point of view of my general: Xerxes in my games with Scully as Clan Scourge grows. Maybe I'll post it but I'm very critical and there's a lot of great writing out there on other blogs already so we'll see. 
I'm also very excited with my WIP on "The Shadow Lord"
Big mean mitherf*cker
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Monday, 12 January 2015

Today's progress

8 more rats for the horde
The Necro rat is my fav most def
Need more Necro rats!