Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Stormvermin finished & Army Painted

Im happy with them. They pop, there's kitbashing and there are some new sculpts which mix perfectly well with some of the original Goodwin sculpts. 
Nice to have a full unit of 20 with musician & standard. These were speed painted in about 1/3 the time of the blackskaven. 
Unit leader/occasional hero. I feathered his highlights but these photos just blob them. He's better in person.  
So with this unit and the last jezzailachis I just finished I've now painted every model in my 3600 point army.
I still have some shields and a few standards to do and finish 50 or so bases, but it's painted, the army is painted. Never thought this would happen. 
My good camera is on loan but once I have it back I'll take some real army/collection shots with decent lighting once all the little jobs are finished. 
Thanks and comment pls

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Dear Reader your assistance is Required

I have a plethora of shields to paint, the dilemma is this: 
I have a few choices, here are the close ups:
In my heart of hearts I know I've used too many colours in my army; to reunite the army should I use the modified shields I made shown at the top of the photo? Or should I continue to differentiate my shock elites by using the old heroquest shields pictured centre and the old clanrat shields at bottom? 
I plan to use the rat shields at the top for clan moulder's pack masters and the dagger hands for my gutter runners. The five tri formed shields I can do without unless someone has a suggestion.
The four at bottom are by far the most detailed, but that means more time. I was thinking of putting them on the stormvermin. I've always pictured them as the secret police of the clan and thusly  would show their horned rat allegiance with relish.
Anyway I've been thinking about this for a couple of hours and running up the wall second guessing myself. 
Please comment below and give me some advice! 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

WIP Stormvermin Unit: 50% Completion

Well, after a bit of a marathon I've got another 5 Stormvermin done bringing the unit to 10. 
These are kitbashed from the mordheim plastic box & the old Empire rabble/citizen levy/whatever great weapon arms and a couple plastic chaos marauder shoulder pads to cover up where my green stuff skills failed big time.
I had to replace the plastic flail on the overhead pose as the plastic chain detail bit would break constantly. Pin, fine wire and a couple of chaos weapons and jobs a good(enough) 'un. I do not like these sculpts. I do not like plastic figs. I wanted a unit of twenty Stormvermin and I used what I had to get by.  

Sneak peak at the next 5, the "command rank" these will probably get a bit more attention with highlights etc but the focus is to get the army finished in time for Orctober Fest, I've missed out twice on it due to working on my skaven but enough is enough.
When am I going to play 5k games in 3rd edition anyway?

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Today's Progress - Stormvermin Test Scheme

After a bit of thumb twiddling, just thumbs I swear; I came up with my Stormvermin test scheme. The unit is comprised of a variety of sculpts so I decided to finish all I had of each at once. Here are some close ups: 
The classic mace bearers
The notorious j'accuse pose
These are the best of the lot; 
And j'accuse
I went with white fur as I imagined they were the true chosen of the horned rat and personal bodyguards of the grey seers. 
I'm happy with how they've turned out. They were speed painted, I just wanted them done. 

I read some blog entries this morning on Realms of Chaos 80's, Oldhammer on a Budget and The Black Hole, and Eldritch Epistles which describes their endeavour to paint 1,000 point armies for BOYL next year under the guise of a Tale of Four Gamers Challenge, which is one of my favourite WD articles of all time (the original 90's endeavour, not the copycat articles years later), I've got the issues around somewhere so I'll give a good look round. 
I think it would be great fun to do the same for the American Oldhammer in the NEW World event next year provided there is one, God I hope there is one. 
I'll post more on some ideas I've got in the coming weeks but essentially it would involve 4, perhaps more players all painting 100 points a month culminating in a painted army of 1000 points. 2 players would be of good alignment and two of evil. Anyway I'm getting ahead of myself.
The challenge will start October 1st ending August 1st well in time for OITNW. 
This gives anyone interested a chance to finish off any smaller projects they wish to have finished (my skaven 4,500pts for example, oh I think it just moved thinking about it.) On a side note Paul Sawyer's beastmen have always been an inspiration of mine, I'll be sure to post some pictures from the appropriate issues in future.
That's all for now please comment and let me know what you think of the colour scheme and thanks for stopping by.