Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Today's Progress - Stormvermin Test Scheme

After a bit of thumb twiddling, just thumbs I swear; I came up with my Stormvermin test scheme. The unit is comprised of a variety of sculpts so I decided to finish all I had of each at once. Here are some close ups: 
The classic mace bearers
The notorious j'accuse pose
These are the best of the lot; 
And j'accuse
I went with white fur as I imagined they were the true chosen of the horned rat and personal bodyguards of the grey seers. 
I'm happy with how they've turned out. They were speed painted, I just wanted them done. 

I read some blog entries this morning on Realms of Chaos 80's, Oldhammer on a Budget and The Black Hole, and Eldritch Epistles which describes their endeavour to paint 1,000 point armies for BOYL next year under the guise of a Tale of Four Gamers Challenge, which is one of my favourite WD articles of all time (the original 90's endeavour, not the copycat articles years later), I've got the issues around somewhere so I'll give a good look round. 
I think it would be great fun to do the same for the American Oldhammer in the NEW World event next year provided there is one, God I hope there is one. 
I'll post more on some ideas I've got in the coming weeks but essentially it would involve 4, perhaps more players all painting 100 points a month culminating in a painted army of 1000 points. 2 players would be of good alignment and two of evil. Anyway I'm getting ahead of myself.
The challenge will start October 1st ending August 1st well in time for OITNW. 
This gives anyone interested a chance to finish off any smaller projects they wish to have finished (my skaven 4,500pts for example, oh I think it just moved thinking about it.) On a side note Paul Sawyer's beastmen have always been an inspiration of mine, I'll be sure to post some pictures from the appropriate issues in future.
That's all for now please comment and let me know what you think of the colour scheme and thanks for stopping by. 


  1. The white fur is an excellent choice in my view, it's both natural and odd at once because we mostly asscoiate white rats with those you find in laboratories. They also offer a striking contrast with the darkest parts of the models so that's a doble win for me.

    1. Wow thank you so much, I admire your work a great deal, your Sensei gang c'est encroyable (hope that's right). I hadn't thought of the lab mouse connection, I don't know how I missed it!

  2. Great stuff! I also really like the white fur and the contrast it sets up. These guys will really pop on the battlefield. The white also looks snappy with the purple clothes. The best part is that you've already thought of a story to go with the colour scheme -- that's the true mark of a great paint job.

    1. Hey thanks Sully, it was actually a bit of fun to paint these guys, I didn't stick with the successive highlight coats as demonstrated on the black skaven so these painted up quickly. I know it's not perfect but I like the almost mosaic effect of the white fur on the arms, I used a little black wash to pick out muscles and it really makes it pop. Only 15 more to go until Xerxes Immortals are complete!

  3. Looking good Rat Bro. I often consider doing some albinos in my horde but never got around to it. Seeing these may just have convinced me to give it a go!

    1. Cheers my Ratus Honestra,
      I really must say it was fun to paint up some Albinos, after the over 200 in mundane fur colours. I strongly recommend you have a go yourself, the only thing I would've done differently is to have painted their skin even more pale to accentuate the white fur. Good luck!

  4. Looking good, buddy! The white fur is a nice'll make your elites stand out from the crowd. And the red eyes will pop nicely and look extra sinister. Great work!

  5. Thanks Mr Mouse, I'm happy with their look overall, the unit contains old lead, plastic kit bashes and a ton of character models being used as rank and file. I'm glad you like the colour scheme, I thought it was fitting for +2 shock elites to stand out in the ocean of blue and yellow that comprises my skaven army.

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