Sunday, 13 September 2015

WIP Stormvermin Unit: 50% Completion

Well, after a bit of a marathon I've got another 5 Stormvermin done bringing the unit to 10. 
These are kitbashed from the mordheim plastic box & the old Empire rabble/citizen levy/whatever great weapon arms and a couple plastic chaos marauder shoulder pads to cover up where my green stuff skills failed big time.
I had to replace the plastic flail on the overhead pose as the plastic chain detail bit would break constantly. Pin, fine wire and a couple of chaos weapons and jobs a good(enough) 'un. I do not like these sculpts. I do not like plastic figs. I wanted a unit of twenty Stormvermin and I used what I had to get by.  

Sneak peak at the next 5, the "command rank" these will probably get a bit more attention with highlights etc but the focus is to get the army finished in time for Orctober Fest, I've missed out twice on it due to working on my skaven but enough is enough.
When am I going to play 5k games in 3rd edition anyway?


  1. I love the assorted weapons, it brings them back to the root of their name "skaven" for scavengers. You must have had some tough time ranking those bad boys too. Well done !

    1. Thanks, not the prettiest but they will rank up test runs were made

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, a little sloppy but they're painted and that is what matters now