Friday, 7 August 2015

A little help please.

I've gotten my Stormvermin assembled, sanded/corked and primed. I've got to 
  say I'm pleased with my pace so far but real life is always right around the corner waiting to bite you in the ass. 
I see very little hobby time in the near future, for who knows how long really. By that logic I can't afford to repaint miniatures should I make a poor choice in judgement. I'm getting ahead of myself, let me explain: 
My army colours are blue and yellow, here are some old army shots;
Perhaps I am just a wee bit biased but I think the army colours are dominant despite the different shades of fur/skin and metallics. 
But it became almost monotonous. So I changed it up, starting with my plague monks. In my little bubble of Warhammer Fantasy plague monks worship nurgle, and so I wanted them to look nice and drab. I used with Dheneb stone and Devlan Mud wash while picking out every scab, boil and tumor(?!) in a creamy red.
I really like how they turned out and their colours were neutral enough that the unit just sorta blends in, I painted the plague censer bearers to match. 
When I'd finished my clanrats it was time for my black skaven. 
I'd always loved the red stormvermin in 4th edition, I just changed up the colour locations but retained a similar palette.
With all my regular  infantry done it was time to move onto my STORMVERMIN!!
As an ode to one of my warhammer heroes the one and only Pete Foley! 
I've always loved the look of this unit, so much so in fact that I used a wizard to test a colour scheme;
I'll pastel the highlights in future or add red to make them really pop.
So I pose this to you my loyal subscribers; is a third unit out of army colours too much? Will my army end up looking like a bunch of miniatures just thrown together?
Or am I being OCD? 
Please comment vote and if you would please give an explanation. 



  1. Retain some of the main colours but mix in a little of summat different, that way variation lies without detracting from the whole.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I've had a similar thing with my daemons really, trying to maintain some cohesive theme, whilst differentiating between the different gods. Provided you retain some elements of the pallette across the board, you should feel free to change it up a bit.

      Consistent basing goes a long way too! Love the black skaven btw!

    2. Thanks guys. The metals, skin tones, and leather will be matching across the army as will the basing. I'm going to go with the purple armour and the clothing beige, if they stand out, they stand out.

  2. I agree about consistent basing - it's amazing how much of an influence that will have.
    My own view is that skaven tend to have a pretty uniform colour scheme, given the amount of fur and snout that every miniature sports. All the brown gives them cohesion. Given that fact, differentiating between the units (and especially the elite units) is paramount - and that requires some bold colours for the clothes. Which is exactly what you've been doing so far...

    By the way, when all your skaven are massed together, they look AMAZING.

    1. Cheers sully
      I wanted my elites to stand out from the filthy hordes of clanrats and slaves. Hopefully someday soon I'll be doing an army photo akin to Pete Foley's, I just hope mine looks a bit more coherent. Need to get a game in soon.

  3. I echo the advice of the others above. I think your overall muted scheme means you are unlikely to accidentally re-create the 1990s GW studio Skaven army which looked like a traveling circus with a riot of bright colours!


    1. Thanks dude, I agree with you about the fourth edition but I think the colour issues with skaven are systemic; you can go back a lot further than the 90's, even Taylor's skaven army in the armies book was a tad garish. Chambers did the sculpts proud with his work and Nico's army is fantastic. I want Clan Scourge's appearance uniform but for the elites to stand out. We'll see if I pull it off when I do the army shots or if the army looks like a hodgepodge of fur and rainbows.