Friday, 23 January 2015

Today's progress

I guess everyone who's been around awhile has a verminlord, it only took me until 2014 to collect one and 3 months to get the balls to work on him. From the beginning I wanted him leaning further forward than anyone else's it screams aggression, rape, pillage cause decay in the name of the Horned Rat. He's myf first large monster ever pinned and green stuffed 
The Lord of Shadows takes shape 
Repositioned left arm;  I wanted it pointing down as if to say "You, yes you there in the robes, you're fucked, no not the swordsman there, YOU!"
Rebuilt back to have him leaning further forward 
This shot shows the elevated neck a lot bettler. I wanted him looking where  his finger was pointing and to have his chin off his chest. I'd never understood why his face had been left so incredible static; it looks like a kindergarten kid wearing a an African mask. I wanted his head lifted a bit more action than hero pose. I think it makes him look  a bit wulfen esque but that is not a bad thing (anything which reminds you of Rackham is a good thing) 
Ive always wanted this figure and not that I'm one to bid and tell (because I despise fuckers who post nan na na na na look what I got mincers) I secured him for £8.
Paint to come soon(ish). As for anyone who thought he couldn't fill a 50mm base, well nuts to you he looks goddamn triumphant. Once my current ebay bids win  his base will be swarming in giant rats. Mwa ha ha. MWA-HA-HA etc

As always comment thanks


  1. I like how subtly you have transformed the position so that it is more menacing, looking forward to see it painted!

  2. Very nice, I'd best get mine sorted!

  3. Thank you both I am a novice at the pinning miniatures and green stuff joints next I have to give him a beard!