Friday, 23 January 2015

Today's progress

Warlord Srillix Completed
Went for a different approach to the basing this time round saved a lot of time
The results turned out pretty good
Unfortunately his spear blade snapped so I had to green stuff and pin in back into place. It looks a bit sloppy but I knew if i tried it over again it would turn out worse. 
So, with warlord Skrillix done I've got two weapons teams and some movement trays to finish for my next game. 
I'm Very excited, it will definately be the most skaven I've put on the table in quite some time. I've only got a week to get everything done and finalize an army list. I've been laid out with strep throat, so I gotta climb back up on that horse. 
Wish me luck and let me know what you think of Skrillix.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. What's up with his right hand? there's no fingers! :)

    Your basing looks great! What's your recipe?


  2. Hey sorry about the fingers I honestly don't know what happened there.
    The basing was done using cork sheeting with corners left bare for modelling sand. Small stones were place on top so it doesn't look like he's standing on cork sheeting, then paint to your liking. The old method took slot more time and green stuff; building up the base then pressing stone and cork into it.

  3. I have your blog in my blogroll since I am basically doing the same thing, building a Skaven 3rd/4th ed. army.
    Thanks for the recipe for the base, would you mind posting some pics of one example base in the different steps of the process? It would help me a lot as I am probably going to use it for some miniatures as well and so far I have mixed feelings about my results :)

  4. Srillix looks amazing - and your cork bases, as always, are very realistic. I'm not looking forward to seeing him in battle - unless of course his halberd snaps again (figuratively speaking).

    1. Lol he's only a level 10. I see much pain in his future.