Friday, 30 January 2015

24 Hour Challenge

I used to do these all the time in high school and college, essentially you sit down with as much untouched product as you can, your preferred stimulants and attempt to get as much work on your army done in 24 hours. I've seen people crank out 40k ARMIES in 48hr challenges but that likely involved liver and kidney damage. Well today is the grown up version: 
I've a game planned for tomorrow and was counting on an ebay win to come in quickly, well it came in today here's a before shot:
So I've got 24 hours in which to strip, paint and base this little darling for use in tomorrow's game.
Oh and I'm off to work now until hopefully only 11pm and I get relieved on time. Ya right. But I will not be deterred 
So step 1: Stripping! (Heh) 
That's them in their own private bath. They've been in for about 5 minutes, see the paint already lifting? Lovely stuff!
See you all after work, wish me luck etc. 


  1. I am praying to the Ruinous Powers that your 48 hour challenge is a bust. I HAVE TO FACE ANOTHER JEZZAIL tomorrow? By Slaanesh's Three Testicles, I hope you run out of paint stripper.

    1. Relax cowboy the "rat Rupturer" and vermin skewer will no doubt even the odds. My army is proper f*cked