Saturday, 31 January 2015

Continued 24hr challenge

So i was relieved from work only 2 hours late made it home around 1:30am
Straight to work, step 1 stripping (heh):
Here's the goop after 12 hours of setting 
I then put them straight into a cup of wash detergent 
From there I'm at work. For tough jobs I use sand just dip a toothbrush into detergent then into sand and start scrubbing it will peel most paint off.
But these guys turned out aces, no car primer used here, came off like butter; no need for dental picks or blue tac on crevices. Five more mins of work I could sell em as brand new.
Step 2 basing:
Gaps are filled with blue tac
Glue a 20mm base down on your thinnest sheet of plasticard because in 3rd ed jezzailachis are on 2x20mm bases, and count as weapons teams, so better they rank up.
Get a steel ruler, glue down another 20mm base and line it up flush.5
To save time we sand the base now 
A thin strip of GS melds the gap and we paint around where the gunner model is to be placed (I used a green paint it shows up shit in photos) around which we glue and apply sand. 
Step 2: base coating 
I used the army painter leather on the crutch bearer and white on the gunner.
First models I've primed without my lucky priming box but seemed to work.
Step 3 paint; broken down by colour:
Step 1: Eyes mech rite red followed by old blood red to "pop" after the wash coats.
Two: Pale flesh for the skin tones, I used to use elf flesh but it was too orange
3: Calthan brown for any fur touch ups 
I was going to bitch out and paint these guys up in my plague monk scheme but after reviewing this photo
I realized I gotta do the right thing and keep them in the clan scourge colours. Means more work. 
4: Tamiya for the blue clothing, love this colour used to mix with water to dilute but switched to lahmian medium, works really well, even without a wet palette.
Time now is 2:15 most of that has been drying time. 
At this point I'm just trying to get shit done:
Time now is 5:38am model is based, painted and still very wet. 
Once it's all dry I'll finish by 12pm then off to victory (not) for the Underempire! 

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