Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Final Skaven Regiment Finished

I couldn't stand looking at my last two Black Skaven sitting on my desk half painted, it was driving me nuts.
With some trepidation I picked up a brush with my sinister hand and the results are in;
The Ayatollah of rock and rolla, the bringer of base armed with a mace,
er...sword. Swords are good too. 
The standard bearer turned out a bit crap frankly. 
For some reason my dark tone wash just sucked the colour right out of him, I think it was due to the bottle being near empty so possibly the pigment settled at the bottom. On the plus side I think the skeletal bracket and topper turned out fine. 
As I said last post the ruinous powers are fickle, I like to think I've gotten some kind of ambidexterity; they turned out pretty good, for my sinister hand at least.
Here are the last of my skaven to finish up for this leg of the marathon;
Not sure if I'll use gnawdoom (3rd from right), I really like how festerlice turned out 
But he'll get painted up anyway. I am lucky enough to have 3 of him so I could use them as poison wind globadiers down the road. 
I've also been lucky enough to have familiars for my sorcerers so this little guy has to get finished up as well;
I'll just use them as clanrats unless I get an opponent who wants to eschew the armies book and play an open game using whatever you like, which to me is what the game was designed for. 
I've also managed to get some organization done; 
I'm less than halfway but it was humbling to realize how much unpainted lead I've got. I'm sure we all have a ton of it.
I can't wait to get this power glove off and get started on some 40k, painting up 20 models for a full game sounds very appealing right about now.
Thanks for watching and please comment. I'd like to hear what y'all think :) 


  1. Hey, congrats, 24_Cigs! And I think rats look great with lots of ink/wash on them. Actually for myself I developed an unhealthy obsession with Agrax Earthshade - I order that stuff by the bucketload. Tasty stuff and it is good on minis too! : ) And yeah, I agree, throw out the Army book and throw down some figs and play! Looking forward to seeing these guys in action!

    1. Thanks private
      My hiatus from the "modern game" started when Devlan Mud was released. That stuff was awesome, when I started my skaven I went through my first bottle on the first 60 or so figures, saving the last precious drops for my last two rat ogres which I had not yet purchased.
      I read somewhere the army painter standard tone was the closest thing to Devlan. I painted my rat ogres. I forgot about Devlan. You know what? I can't tell the difference.
      So far as throwing out the armies book Im all for it. If you want a balanced game find something else, WH 3rd Ed is NOT balanced, it's meant to put your collection of figs from RPGs on the table all at the same time under the guise of an army. Not crushing your enemy and driving them from you while listening to the Lamentations of their women.

  2. Can't wait to see them in person! Oldhammer weekend is shaping up so nice. Really hoping you guys are coming. We got a bunch of the blogosphere coming from AZ, MD, VA, MI, IL, IA and more! Hopefully we can throw down....I'll take on whatever in Skaven...hopefully have both my undead and Orcs there. Not to mention the Dark Future game I got going....and that's gonna be awesome! Anyway, glad to see the progress, can't wait for the fun of seeing them in action!

    1. Yikes undead AND orcs? Both tough match ups for the skaven. IF I can make it I will bring the army en masse, but I should note it is a very large IF.
      Kitchen Reno, impending strike and aging parental units is seriously prohibiting my attendance. Fingers crossed.

  3. Hey, Congrats! Let's see the whole army together!

    1. Soon my verminous compadre, soon. Just 6 more characters and my reward to come then its picture time. Maybe I'll finish my stormvermin as well; I've got 15 including command; I'm thinking white fur under purple armour: chosen of the horned rat and all that. Or move on. Moving on sounds good.

  4. That unit is very impressive and a great center piece for your ever growing horde! Congrats on getting it done!

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    1. Hey thanks Blue,
      They're the only unit in the army that got any kind of highlight coat so I'm glad you like them. I still have to base them with flock and tufts after varnishing so hopefully they will be a real eye catcher :)

  6. I can't believe that you painted those with a cast/powerglove on. When it comes off, you're going to be like Michelangelo.
    Nice move with the chaos familiar - that is an underappreciated range of minis - can't wait to see him painted up.
    And, as usual, your bases are amazing.

    1. Thanks sully
      I too have a fondness for the old chaos familiars great range of minis. I still have to do the dreaded varnishing and then tufts and flock but that's more fun than anything. Looking forward to getting them on the table.