Friday, 3 July 2015

Warpsquealer #2 painting complete

A bit of a rush job but he turned out ok, I intended to paint him in all purple robes with some yellow accents but then realized he would be in LA Lakers garb which I cannot abide
And the back end 
And a work in progress shot of the other batch of personalities 
Thanks for looking 


  1. Great work. The purple turned out beautifully and the metals on his staff are really lifelike. Those are some lovely models that you've got lined up. I love that horned wizard.

  2. Cheers Sully
    The purple turned out ok, you're are better. I just wanted to try out a purple scheme; have not attempted one before.
    Next time I'm going to start with royal blue and slowly add red.
    I'm going to do my stormverminbin purple with white fur, it should raise some eyebrows.