Friday, 3 July 2015

Throt the Unclean aka Verminlord Beastmaster Finished

Pretty pleased with him, I just hope I roll the "Extra Arm" personal chaos attribute, how cool would that fit?
The Bale-Eye, I was sorely tempted to try an OSL technique but I lack the skill and my power glove wasn't making it any easier. But, it does look warpstonish, maybe I'll play it as blinding glare magic armour? Or a warpstonish charm. 
It seems every weapon I paint lately looks better from the rear. Ah well c'est la vie. 
I tried to go for a bone pommel but in the photos it gets washed out.
And lastly WIP on the characters;
They're coming along, nearly time for an army/collection shot a la Pete Taylor in the armies book.
Thanks for looking and pls comment .
Enjoy your weekend Oldhammerers!


  1. Nice work! That's great figure and a great paint job!

  2. Thanks mr mouse, I've always wanted a casting of him (or two) he just oozes character and the opposite of charisma; menace? Yes I'll go with menace

  3. Great stuff! I'm sure your rats will be happy to have this ringer join their team.I love the eye.
    Stupid question... what's an OSL technique?

  4. Object source lighting, painting to give the illusion part of your model is actually glowing/burning and casting light onto other parts of your model. Throt is the quintessential Beastmaster hero model, I had to include him picked him up on the cheap from eBay with 6 giant rats, stripped him and repainted and here he is, ready to lead the charge at the head of 6 rat ogres.

    1. Thanks for that - right, OSL, I've tried using that technique here and there without knowing the name. (I think Darth Vader was my last go) -- but it is a pain in the ass. I also think it can be a little over-done, especially in the case of painters who really want to show off their talents.

    2. You're bang on there, your vader sabre definitely had the illusion of casting light but not so much that it detracted from the excellent black highlights.
      I like osl when it's done subtly and doesn't wash out the miniatures actual paintjob. Was it worth it for me to experiment on a character in a swarm army where if I failed I would have to strip and restart?
      No. Throt looks fine; better than the other rank and file; for certain.
      If I ever get round to my eldar Pirates I may start trying some more advanced techniques, including some subtle OSL

  5. Very nice work


  6. Thanks classic,
    I put a bit more work into him than the average fig. And I'm pretty pleased with his turnout, he will look slot better once the basing is finished.