Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Today's progress

 42 finished Skavenslaves with spears, slings, musician and standard bearer. I popped a couple giant rats in as well just for fun and a motivator (slavemaster) to keep them in line, just for flavour not that my list actually calls for this unit to contain a champion. Here's a couple more shots:
So 42 down and a bunch to go (I really don't want to think about it right now; I'm just happy to see the unit finished, really really finished because I didn't give the little meat shields their own. 
Here's some work on my BSB, not sure about the staff's wrapping it came out a bit fat but in the grand scheme I don't think it'll really matter:
Still lots to do, I'm very tempted to show my wip banner but ill resist hopefully sometime this weekend. 
Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Loving your work Matey.

    I really like the way you're painting your Skaven up. I just can't get brighter colours to work on mine so they ebd up very drab.

    Congtrats on the Slaves, they seem to take an age to paint, even more monotonus than Clanrats, I think I've managed 50 or 60 Slaves so far and I'm finding Ginat Rats just as dull and all for 2 or 3 points each!

    Still the bulk effect it gives to your Army is a huge reward!

    1. Cheers,
      They were a pain in the ass to finish and it didn't help that some of my oldest sculpts were used to round out the unit, ah well. I defo hear you on the giant rats but they were a nice break for me, no clothing no armour just skin fur and done. At least giant rats get poisoned attacks :/