Friday, 1 August 2014

Battle Standard Bearer Finally Finished

Emissary Skrillix is finally finished, after 15+ hours of work. This would've been my entry into Chico's heraldry competition but real life got in the way. 
Some close ups
The standard
The 8 sided star and the unfortunate victim(?) making this a relic standard. 
And a shot from the rear (heh) for anyone interested. I'm fairly happy with it considering I'm new to plasticard, pinning, green stuff, and converting. I think the base is one of the nicest I've ever done. The more keen eyed of you will see the Roman numerals for 13 emblazoned on the rat's forehead on the banner. 
The trouble I have is that the vulture piece weighs a ton so every movement tray he stands on had to have an earth magnet glued down to stop him from tipping. I want to give a shout out to Nico for his banner tutorial without which I wouldn't have had the jam to even dream of getting Skrillix started.
Comments more than welcome. 


  1. Very Nice, that's a very hefty standard top there dude!

    1. Yes it weighs a ton but it had been in my bitz bin for so long I had to include it; I think it brings some old scroll goodness to the army and it was fun to paint but damn if those rackham models don't have a ton of detail.

  2. Awesome, you would have won for sure.

  3. You are too kind Sir. After this much work though I just want to get back to the run of the mill skaven rank and file; never thought I'd say that

  4. Great banner!!! Love how the vultures feasts on the skeleton. Is that scratch built or a bit? If a bit, do you know where it's from?

  5. I would be wonderful if I could scratch build something like the vultures but alas no, it is the banner top from an old rackham orc Standard bearer the banner itself I think would benefit greatly from some fine line grey and white "hairs" to define the nose.
    Thanks for the compliment though!

  6. This is what I call an Army Banner !! Chaos Star on Skaven banner is how I imagine an skaven army !! Bravo