Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Today's progress

21 Clanrats in various stages of completion. You can see my characters waiting patiently in the back with a pack of giant rats circa '96. I'd originally planned on a unit of 40 way back when but sadly only finished a handful. The rest are lost to the mists of time.
If ur familiar with these then you'll remember they come mounted on a strange oblong shape so I filled in the edges with green stuff and glued on the sand. They'll be used as unit fillers in my Clanrats and skaven slaves. I'm on a self imposed ban on eBay and I've got just enough figs to finish my 3k list. I'm going to try and keep the mojo going tomorrow through Thursday.


  1. Looking good Dude.

    I've been off theblog for a few days as I've been working on stuff for BOYL here in the UK (which starts tomorrow).

    I two weeks I've repainted 20 Plague Monks and then painted my Army Standard, 20 Giant Rats, 15 Slaves with hand weapons a Warp Fire Thrower, 3 Rat Ogres, 6 Storm Vermin, 6 Gutter Runners, a Musician, a Standard Bearer and 6 Plague Censers and I'm officially shattered................. Snickit go sleepy time now ...............................

    1. Wow that wow that is quite the marathon paint session good on you