Friday, 11 July 2014

Today's progress

Hey there skaven fans haven't been on in awhile, well at least not on my own but I finally sat down and got some work done here's today's progress:
Just a lot of assembly and some undercoating but it's a step in the right direction. An old opponent of mine challenged me to 1500pts near the end of august so here's my list for your perusal 
Wizard 20
20 hero parasitic spear light arm shield
10 hero BSB relic standard spear light arm shield 
23 Clanrats spear shield light arm musician and standard
24 Clanrats spear shield light arm musician and standard
10 gutter runners shield sling 
43 skaven levy spear sling mus standard
20 plague monks light arm stn mus relic standard
4 jezzailachis 
1 Warpfire thrower

Not my most competitive list by a long shot but it'll be fun, my old friend cares more about a good time than crushing his opponent which will be a welcome change. Here's the army progress so far 
I'm still fiddling with my 3k list but it's in the ballpark of 220 figs. 
Lots to do before October; have at thee Yankee! 


  1. Working on my Warband right now (finally updated my blog too!). Can't wait to see the Skaven in Baltimore! Way too much to do before October! ;)

  2. This is starting to look like the chittering horde we all imagined it would become! well done!

    1. Thanks very much sir, I give you the credit for the basing technique but I'm sure they won't measure up to your scrutiny in person. I must say though a properly finished base goes a LONG way towards making basic paint job look good.

  3. Excellent looking. :)
    I do like the overall look of your army, and your bases are very nicely done.
    I have reorganised my 3k army list, just over 200 models now.

    1. Cheers my Gobbo chum
      The paint jobs are NOT the best, just near tidy basecoats, eyes painted red and then devlan mud or army painter strong/dark tone wash. The characters will get quite a bit more brush love but I just wanted to get them on the table. I think the overall esthetic is good enough for a horde of vile ratmen.

    2. Any thought on the army list?

    3. Sounds like you and I are approaching painting Skaven in a simialr way. Spending enought time on the bulk of the army to make them look good, but spending that extra effort on the characters.
      Nice list for a small point force.
      I like the hero with the Parasitc Blade, always a good option for Magical weapons.
      Are you sure that the Clanrat regiments will be big enough? I would assume you might deploying them in a 5x5 formation once the heros have been added?
      The 4 Jezzailachis are good.
      Personally I would'nt have chosen Plague Monks but gone for more Clanrats. However they are characterful and you do have the lovely models for them.
      Best of luck for the game :)

  4. Clanrats will be in ranks of six so that 3 models in the second rank can fight as you must always round down.
    Plague monks can take a magic standard which is nearly always the relic standard as with out them skaven don't last too long on the field....

    1. Good point, that way you get the extra spear attack.
      I wanted to somehow add a Relic banner as well to the Stormvermin, but I run out of points, although I shall still see if I can alter the list to include one.
      The Plague Monk therefore make sense as the cheaper points option than Stormvermin, althuogh I wanted the double handed weapon opiton with the extra initiative from +2 elite profile which cancels out the -1 from using the double handed weapon.

  5. In my 3k I took a unit of 33 Clanrats with double handed weapons. It'll be simultaneous combat with non elites but, they will be lead by my level 20 hero with parasitic spear so any serious threats will be dealt with swiftly. To be fair though I have seen Stormvermin absolutely decimate opponents who have underestimated them. Good luck!

  6. Hey, while I am thinking, you have seen pictures of Andy Chambers old Skaven army right?

    Nico talked about them on his blog too -

    Enjoy, and I cannot wait to see these guys, the bases make them look really good, and I am going to attempt Blue's basing as well.

    And the army should work fairly well, it has the huge numbers you need with enough hummph to push through, movement will be very important - never block out your units, or you'll get frustrated and picked apart.

  7. Oh yes I've read the chambers article a few times and I regularly visit nico's. We all differ slightly in our compositions but in the end I don't play competitively, that is unless my opponent is a real prick in our first game. In which case if he's lucky enough to play me again (which isn't often) I bring out my most competitive list full of necromantic scroll carrying casters, rings, bound manticores and other fancy stuff.
    I like my regular skaven army packed with Clanrats, a big unit of slaves, rat ogres plague monks jezzailachis and once in awhile chaos hounds. I like big casters, big heroes, big blocks of troops.

    Like the great Bambino "I swing big, with everything I've got. I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can."
    That is how you Oldhammer.

    1. Right on, I was just going more for the inspiration on their look, rather than their gaming style. And yeah, while i can play at tournies (or have in the past), large throw-downs in my garage on a ping pong table and at an old store in Dayton are my fondest memories! I like Big Big blocks of troops with Skaven too....and I'm doing Orcs for October (siege and other games), so I understand the big units, big heroes... ;)

  8. I've been distracted doing stuff for the house and other odds and sods. I'm loving the job you've done and look forward to hearing about your game.

  9. Cheers my skaven compatriot, it's been too long since out last discussion. I too suffer the remodelling bane. Glad to see you back at it.