Wednesday 24 September 2014

1500pts Skaven Finished

Well I'm halfway to my 3k goal, it's been a long road going back to March of '13. 
Here are some close ups 
Warpfire thrower
General/BSB escort Clanrats 
And my personal (aesthetic) favourite: rat ogres! 
Here's the army list:
20 Hero: Magically Inscribed light armour, shield, parasitic spear
15 Wizard
10 Hero: Light armour, shield, spear
5 Hero: BSB, relic banner, light armour, shield
20 plague monks: light armour, mus/stn relic banner
24 Clanrats: light armour, shield, spear mus/stn
23 Clanrats: light armour, shield, spear mus/stn
40 Skavenslaves: slings, spears mus/stn
4 warplock jezzailachis
1 Warpfire thrower
3 rat ogres & 3 beastmasters with shields
All I've gotta do now are the shields, which I've salvaged from the bitz bin from an old Vampire Counts army that was stolen from me 8 years ago. 
I'm so shit with green stuff I can't even make small circles for f*cks sake. Oh well. 
That's it for now. I won't be posting anything else for awhile; I've thrown out my back yet again at work so no pronged sitting for me. Looks as though my trip to Baltimore may be off as well .
Time will tell. All the best and thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Looking awesome, you should be rightly proud of the horde!

    Sorry to hear about your back, hope you're back to fighting fitness again sooner rather than later ��

    1. Cheers my verminous compadre, still lots more to come

  2. Pronged sitting - that's where you're going wrong! I'd recommend a nice cushion rather than whatever pointy object you've been using thus far ; )

    Hope the back gets better soon - the horde is looking mighty fine!

    1. You sir are a deviant.
      Thanks for the compliment

  3. Great painting! A beautiful Army!

  4. High quality paintjobs mate, what a great looking force.

    1. It's just careful base coats and thin washes, honest.

  5. Excellent painting.
    I really like the mix of earth tones you have used with the black. The bases are great, the stone and the two types of flock work really well.
    An impressive 1,500 point army.
    See, you did finish your army before mine! :)

    1. Thank you Sir,
      The basing was inspired by Blue in VT's excellent basing tutorial. It's been a long 19 months getting them all finished.
      I may have won the battle but you most def will win the war; at this pace I'll have 3k done by June 2016? Yaay.

  6. I love the old school Jezzail marksman. He's a great mini (and rare too - I think I tried to get him off eBay a few years ago, and he cost me a mint). Anyway, your paint job is great - dark and ratty without being dingy. It's hard to get that sort of balance - no wonder it is taking you a while!

  7. Hey thanks man, the marksman was hard to lay hands on, at one point I was checking the oldhammer forum private sale and ebay DAILY but it paid off. I know he's not strictly speaking legal as jezzailachis are two man teams but I didn't want to ruin the aesthetic.
    I'm glad you like the paint job as I respect your painting as well so it means much.
    Still more to come!