Sunday 18 October 2015

Clan Scourge 3k Army List

24_Cigarettes has collected and painted a massive Skaven Horde from which the 3,000 point army shown in the adjoining photographs was selected. 
The Sacred Standard of Clan Scourge carried by Warlord Skrail. The standard is imbued with the Talismanic and Relic properties. 
A single survivor from each of the Clan's  victories is crucified upon the banner's crossbeam, such unfortunate souls endure horrific torture as their flesh is flayed from their bones by bound carrion birds. The power of the standard keeps these poor victims alive so that every ounce of pain is wrought from them without mercy until all but a shallow husk remains. 10th Hero: Hand weapon, heavy armour, BSB, Talismanic & Relic properties: 178 points.

Xerxes Orc Hewer; Lord of Decay & general. 25th Hero with Heavy Spell-Tempered-Armour, magical halberd with Degenerative & Parasitic properties. 187 points.

Festerlice the Deceiver, Emissary of Clan Pestilens. 20th Wizard with hand weapon. 230 points.

28 Clanrats with spears, light armour shield, standard bearer & musician. 195 points

26 Clanrats with spears, light armour shield, standard bearer & musician. 182 points.

25 Skavenslaves with hand weapons, standard bearer & musician. 67.5 points.

20 Plague Monks with hand weapon and light armour, Magical Relic Standard & musician. 121 points.

3 Plague Censer Bearers with Deadly Plague Censers and light armour. 123 points.

Verminlord Raidraze; 15th Hero with Magical Degenerative & Hell-Honed double-handed-weapon, light armour & shield. 117 points.

20 Stormvermin, +2 Shock Elite with Double-Handed Weapons, light armour and shields. 223 points.

Warpsquealer Blackmaw; 15th Wizard. 147 points.

20 Black Skaven +1 Shock Elite with halberd, light armour and shield, Magical Relic Standard and musician. 201 points. 

4 Warplock Jezzalachis with hand weapon and Warplock Jezzail. 156 points. 

3 Warpfire Throwers with light armour and Warpfire Thrower. 243 points.

10 man Koga Ninja Team (Gutter Runners) with poisoned attacks, light armour, shield and slings. 145 points. 

Lash-Tyrant Slavrax; Emissary of Clan Moulder with Magical Degenerative and Parasitic double-handed-weapon, Beastmastery and heavy armour. 145 points.

6 Rat Ogres and 3 Beastmasters with light armour and shield. 261 points.

3 Plague Censer Bearers with light armour and poisoned wind globes. 
78 points.

You will notice, being the astute reader you are that I've overspent by 4 points on characters, not that big a deal; well it shouldn't be anyway, if I met an opponent who made it a big deal I would seriously reconsider playing them; I'm not a rules lawyer and can't stand playing them. 
I took units I liked over the most combat effective; I played a mock game with 8 Warpfire throwers and it was shall we say an eleven bbq. It was hilarious for me, not so much for the elves. 
I engineered my list with my opponent's enjoyment in mind, I haven't been accused of being a power gamer yet and I hope not to be. 
I definitely believe in the Stillmanic approach to army building; make a list & never change it, paint/model your magic items and to hell with the odds, enjoy yourself! 
That being said the army in smaller denominations has a record of 4-1, which I attribute more to luck than battlefield acumen. 
Thanks for reading, thanks for following and thanks for watching my collection grow! Please comment or ask a question,  they are always welcome! 


  1. The army is splendid really with just enough diversity between model without making it look silly, a hard balance to reach with skaven and horde armies I think but you did it.
    I know the last thing you want to hear when an army's done is what to add/change but looking at the pictures, I think some quick washes and weathering on all banners would greatly enhance the look of the whole. While the models have the right balance between neat and wron out, the banner do look a little too clean. Nico's got some very rapid and efficient methods on his blog if you're willing to go that way, otherwise, just forget and forgive my ramblings and just enjoy this undisputably great army ;)

    1. Yes nicks banner tutorial is excellent, I made my BSB following his advice. The banners are too clean you are right however I finally just said enough is enough and called them finished, perhaps a bit lazy but maybe I'll get back to them one day.

  2. Nice looking army, 24 Cigs! And Congrats too!!! I liked the Warhammer Armies reference and presentation style alot too. It will be great to see this mighty force in action!

    1. Thanks Private,
      It gives me great joy to call the army finished; and I deliberately copied the warhammer armies book. It would be a big game to play, maybe an entire weekend once you factor in booze and food. Never say never.

  3. Ask and you shall receive!
    I'm so glad you put this together. It all is amazing, but for me the three highlights:
    - The Koga Ninja Team (one of the things I love about 3rd edition Warhammer was the fact that it totally succumbed to the 1980's fascination with ninjas. So I'm glad that you're keeping that dream alive here. GO NINJA TEAM!)
    - The army banner. 'Nuff said.
    - The poison wind globadiers. Seriously - that's got to be the best paint job you've ever done. They are gorgeous.

    My only complaint: Xerxes *Orc Hewer*. I'm not sure about that name...

    1. Cheers Sully,
      Orc Hewer sounded better than the fleet footed or the cowardly, or master of failed coolness tests. Actually maybe if I change it to master of cowardly flight he will prove me wrong.
      He has slaughtered orcs other than the backwoods bandits, but he has a personal vendetta with Krapfang...

  4. Very very impressive:)

    1. Thanks dude, a lot of time spent hunched over like golem at the painting desk went into Clan Scourge

  5. Glorious army my man, true inspiration! It would make a superb allied force for my Chaos Army! Maybe we can get together and do some photoshoots one day.