Saturday, 12 December 2015

A Little Late On the Update

Finally massed to get the basecoat
Finished on 12 figures; 6 more to go and I'll have my serpent squads complete.
I plan on upgrading a squad with the vyper upgrade which makes the unit champions and gives them powered armour on top of their already magnificent refractor field invul 5+ save
2/3 melts guns thus far. 
Next I'll be working on 
2 Eoan hire hearts, and an irric true shot; 
They appear to be wearing powered armour and so they get the nod from me for priority
To complete the viper squad I'll take Elres fireflash as their leader
After that a couple of commander inghin  keen tongue models and that's all my serpent squads complete.
It was important for me to include figures with at least passable powered armour for the vyper squad; what you see is what you get is an important rule which I endeavour to follow.
Well that's it for now, hopefully I'll get the chance to get the 6 models finished for New Years. Hopefully, not likely. 


  1. Loving this project so far man!

    1. Thanks Ross, I'm a big fan of your blog especially your instalments on heretical inquisitorial warbands.

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    1. It's a long way off from being called finished but someday soon I hope to get them on the table. RT Eldar play so differently (better) than their craftworld kin in later editions they could be seen as the most powerful force in Oldhammer 40k.
      The real allure for me was the sculptor; Jes Goodwin, and the plethora of figures: space elves (Eldritch Raiders) Harlequins and the most comprehensive list of walkers/dreads ever seen! I am starting to get a bit of burnout from batch painting 12 at a time but only I only need 19 for their first skirmish battle.... Stay tuned

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    1. Thanks C40k, your battle reports are the proverbial kick in the ass that I need sometimes to sit at the table and get some work in! I wasn't subjected to RT, I started with 2nd edition Chaos. Once I laid eyes on the codex cover with abandon and the teething mass of psychopaths rushing forward around him I was hooked.
      I still am.... Stay tuned there could be a micro chaos project in the works.

  4. I completely agree with the "what you see is what you get rule". It's a far better approach then the "army list rules" rule. I remember my first games of Rogue Trader (when it was just the RT book) and we assembled crazy squads -- melta-guns and plasma-guns and power-swords... but all based on what the model was actually carrying. Jeepers that was fun.

    1. See this is why Canadian Oldhammer players are the best; totally open to a whipped up army list, to hell with the odds, you bring what you've got and I'll bring what I have and just throw down. Usually with beer. I've got a project I want completed by the end of February that I guarantee will impress.