Thursday 26 December 2013

What's acceptable?

Proxying. A dirty word for most wargamers, however in the Oldhammer movement as it is in any defunct miniature based system it has become a necessary evil.
Personally, I am all for elaborate custom made pieces that modellers more talented than myself are able to create. This is epecially true when the aforementioned models all tie into a theme, particularly one that cannot be found in distribution by any miniature manufacturer. These armies are usually flavourful, full of backstory and more often than not belong to opponents which care more about playing than winning. 

The proxying I refer to is that of 'counts as' ie "this unit of swordsmen counts as spear men" or "hey these thugs with bows are beastmen with two handed weapons" 
This vexes me to no end. Perhaps it all comes down to playstyle. I'm definately a happy to play and have a good time than a win at all cost type. I firmly believe in the Build a list and to hell with the odds school of gaming otherwise known as the "Stillmatic" approach to army building found in white dwarf 219-221. I make a list, I buy and collect it, I don't change a thing. 
With real life in the way I take every chance to play nearly any game system whenever possible. Thusly I play the same guys because there's no one else to play and some of my opponents will regularly "proxy" to gain an advantage.
All in order to win. 
This brings me to my quandary. 
These arrived in the post Christmas Eve. A few jes goodwin eldar, a war walker,  two dreads with bitz which can be assembled as any variant and an assassin pattern ghost warrior. 
Into the jar for stripping. 
The standard eldar pirate list in the book of the astronomican has 2-8 serpent squads, I am low on hand flamer/flamer armed troops and have tons of others casts. 
I'm thinking of just using one specific casting and telling my opponent they are carrying flamers. I'm not trying to gain an advantage, these are troops I require to maintain the compulsory troops and I wouldn't think of not fulfilling army requirements. 
Is this acceptable? Does this fall under powergaming?
Would you allow an opponent to try this with you?

Sunday 22 December 2013

62 Goal met. Job done.

My goal of 60 has been met before the year's end. The 'one a day challenge' went to shit but hey, c'est la vie; regular life has a way of throwing a spanner in the works. 
Here's the battle line thus far:
Some finished (really finished; no shield required) Plague Monks
Due to an error in nomenclature I've been forced to use some skavenslaves as Clanrats. I've also been forced to use some Clanrats with hand weapons to round out the numbers. I picked up some old school plastics. This guy came as a bonus(?!) in the lot from eBeast:
I'll use this as his 'before' pic. 
With 62 done I think I'm going to shoot for 73 which should be totally obtainable since we're getting 6 inches of freezing rain tonight. Hey why not we only got 3 inches Friday.
Up yours old man winter I'm not going to work in the land of Narnia it looks worse than Hoth out there.

Friday 20 December 2013

43: Bell tolls for thee

43 ratmen done (done means without shield apparently)
I'm particularly happy with my first rat ogre
Thanks for stopping by. 

Thursday 12 December 2013

A little bit closer

31 skaven painted and based.
It's a bit labor intensive but Blue in VT's basing method is sound.
Line painting is quite boring but I'm going to keep up with the skaven til New Years. By then I should have 60 finished to this standard; roughly 1/3 of my 3k list. 
Hopefully by the year's end I'll have a game or two of rogue trader under my belt. From what I've seen online it looks like a good time and a good distraction from my chittering horde. I really want to get these stripped and painted up

For Alpharius!

Friday 29 November 2013

It's not dead yet! (The project that is)

Well, after a bit of a hiatus I've got some finished figs here for you all to peruse. It isn't easy working with my back as buggered up as it is, but I can finally sit down for more than 20 minutes! 
Deep joy! 
I've kept myself busy with other small jobs such as priming, filing mold lines, and ensuring the livelihood of others via eBeast (sounds better than blowing money) I've also become completely infatuated with 2nd edition space marine (6mm) and have enough figs for a tactical company, 2 full land raider companies and a tactical detachment to boot. I've no idea how to paint the little guys but that's a project for another day. 

I stopped awhile back with the oxy's as they're for schemie scruff and I'm no fan of (hard) drugs.
Right; onto the good stuff (shit iphone pics)

An aerial view

Full frontal (cheeky monkey)

My fave of the (small) lot

I would like to thank Mr Blue for his most excellent Basing Tutorial, I by no means did it justice. I must say that the first flock step consisting of the small green clump foliage is absolutely as vital as Mr Blue says. 
I hampered myself by only using the materials I had on hand. I do think the results would have been improved had I used exactly what was prescribed in the tutorial. Ah well. 
That being said I'm quite happy with the results, only 38 more to go! Ugh.

P.S. I would like to again thank everyone who took the time to wish me an expedient recovery.  I'm very much appreciative. 

Thursday 31 October 2013

May cause drowsiness

Hey chums, 
At work the other day (prison service) I royally screwed up my back; slipped disc, sciatic nerve pressure and 3 pulled muscles have left me incapacitated for the most part. 
It's quite impossible to hunker down at the paint table longer than 5 minutes which has completely f*cked me over on my 1 a day challenge. 
If I feel up to it (that is to say if I ever surface from my dr prescribed OXY coma) I plan on getting my skaven based up. I'm going to try Mr Blue in VT's excellent method and cheers to him for putting a SOLID tutorial up for everyone to learn from, good on you Sir. 
Next on the agenda would be some movement trays, preferrably some magnetized ones. If anyone can share a link to a walkthrough I would appreciate it, I'd especially like to know what the acceptable border edge width is. 
I think I can tackle these projects as they both require about 1 minute of work per step with copious amounts of time in between for everything to set. 
Because I'm unable to paint, I've spent a boatload of time on my 3rd edition Skaven 3k army list. Anyone who can give an experienced opinion on wizards of any level in 3rd edition would be great. 
Well I guess I've asked quite enough of my faithful readers. All 11 of you. lol. The  oxy is definitely working, I'm off to bed!! 

Thursday 24 October 2013

Return to the Northern Wastes

It feels good to back in the Northern Wastes, the desert sun doesn't suit my Norse blood in the slightest. 
I've gotten 57 skaven infantry painted which puts me 6 behind. I'm not going to bother with pics; I'm sure you're all bored of seeing my mediocrely painted Clanrats and Skavenslaves. Once I have caught back up on my "1 a day cahallenge" I am going to treat myself to a character, most likely a wizard (my 3k list calls for 3 of them).
He's warlock with staff 2. He'll get some extra tlc. I hope the finished result will be worth a pic or two. 
In the meantime here's some pics of the Hoover Dam. If they don't inspire you to whip up some rogue trader terrain I don't know what will! 

If I had the skill/time/patience/room/drugs? I would love to build a set of these. To me they are so much cooler than the typical space marine "statues" you see so often nowadays. 

also found a really cool spot for a sabre-duel, Vader needs his own show in vegas anyway! 

Some panoramas
View to the chasm below 

The general landscape itself screams 
sci-fi to me ala Arakis, Tattooine, Mars etc.
Hopefully these will give someone out there some inspiration!

Wednesday 16 October 2013


Salút 3rd ed fans I'm off to the big sleazy I'll see you next Tuesday (literally no offence intended!)
Incidentally when I googled Las Vegas fantasy battles this is what came up. 
Foul daemons of Slaanesh!

Sunday 13 October 2013

Looking for a little leadership

I'm no good at the whole blogger thing; adding pages, links and what have you, that combined trouble of picasa web albums I've given up. 
This is my recourse; 
If u have these figs and u don't want or need them or u understand the plight of needing a fig send me a pm or comment below. 
Much appreciated.

Friday 11 October 2013

Back on track

During the past couple of days I've had time to catch up and get a 4th infantry unit started. 
Clan Scourge thus far:
Couldn't really fit the them all in one shot side by each. I'm content with my progress thus far; I've broken even with my self imposed "1-A-Day Challenge" which brings the total to 53, big enough to get in a 500pt game which is incidentally the "cap" my friend and I have put on our skirmish scenario. 
The Clan's most recent addition:
I've also gotten my second batch of figs stripped:
Just a couple :) I would recommend not stripping so many figs in one batch; spraying them with dish soap and going over them with a toothbrush to remove the stripping agent got old real quick. 
I have no idea what the dark elves' previous owner used for primer but it came off in ribbons, I've never seen that before. 
There are 17 Stormvermin in there circa 1997; I plan on using them as black skaven. I've never been a fan of plus shock elite especially not when they're only 1 point more than regular rank and file but I digress.
On the gaming front:
My friend and I are working on some home brew rules for dungeon fights complete with traps, bound creatures victory conditions etc. We're going to playtest them using orcs & goblins, undead, chaos, empire, wood elves and dwarves @ 230pts and all in the same dungeon design. I'm not sure when it's will happen but I'll try and keep you all posted.
Until then.

Saturday 5 October 2013

Slow and steady wins....bugger all.

After a bit of a hiatus I've finally managed to sit down and lay some paint.
6 rank and file. Meh. 
This puts me 3 behind on my "1 a day challenge". I don't know when I'll be able to catch up but I'm committed to getting 3k on the table by Christmas; painted, based and varnished. 
I'm more than tempted to jump into Orctober fest over at Ernie's place, I've got a ton of wolf riders, chariots, stikkas, bug uns; basically a ton of green-skins of all kinds sitting in a box waiting for attention but I refuse to break course.
I want, nay, I need to see what happens with 50 levels in wizards on the table. That is my motivation. 

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Everybody Skaven!

Even the local hardware store is feeling it!
So, I would never recommend a product; especially to members of a community far more venerable than I. But, I have to say, I've used a boatload of paint strippers and this by far has been the best.
There is no indoor plumbing in the under empire!
This stuff stripped these guys in under 24 hours. I was loathe to test this stripper on anything I really cared about so just bunged in some 14yr old goliaths and some 5th edition chaos marauders. I didn't realize the champ of Khorne was in there til it was too late.
They came out pretty damn fine; better than anything else I've seen in such a short stretch of time.
Except on these buggers. I got em off eBay a while ago; dunno what their previous owner(s) could've used for primer but they definitely had longevity in mind.
So back in they go!
They'll be amongst good company: Stormvermin, plague monks, and a future allies contingent..........
Until next time!

Monday 23 September 2013

Some Real progress

Right that's 38 ratmen done.
It probably doesn't seem like much to you veteran warlords out there but to me it's a start. 
3 more batches this size and I'll be done. 
The horde as a whole
10 plague monks with standard
15 Clanrats with musician standard and hero
10 slaves 
Rat Ogre and animal handlers
Hope you guys like 'em. I'm not going to base them until I've got at least another 30 or so done, I've built up a bit of steam and I don't want to switch gears yet.
Only 98 to go! Ughhhh I mean woo hoo!

Saturday 21 September 2013

Churning on

No large update today just a handful of rats finished.
I was really into painting up these plague monks until I ran across the scroll on the one pose. 
Damned scroll.
Any time I saved from their shoulder to toe robes has easily been negated by the twice damned scrolls.
No wonder a warp scroll costs 100 points; it's a point per minute painting it up!
Anyway enough bitching. I've got 34 skaven painted up so far which puts me 1 up on my 1 a day challenge.
I'm on pace to have the army finished by Christmas.
Now that would be a gift!

Thursday 19 September 2013

Some progress

Not much done today, at least re goal of minimum of 1 a day was finished. Comments and criticism/advice welcome.


It took me near an hour to finish this f*cking scroll. 
That being said do I leave it "blank" or free hand something at risk of ruining it?

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Unleash the kra-rat-ken

Just a couple new members to Clan Scourge; Nillus and his good friend Lacerat!