Monday 16 November 2015

And then there were 10

I've decided that if I don't push myself to split the army into "chunks" then I'm going to end up line painting the entire force; I suppose it is a lesson learned from my fantasy army. 
With a great deal of the army (30 of 32 infantry thus far) already basecoated in Tamiya olive drab, metal areas in citadel (boo hiss) leadbelcher and weapons and ammo pouches in Vallejo model color black grey and then laden with an army painter dark tone wash I've decided to stop and concentrate on getting 10 figures, all but 1 carrying a shuriken catapult finished. 
The catapult variant are actually standard bearers but that's a moot point. I gave their helms an army painter strong tone wash and I must say I'm digging the effect. If it turns out as I hope I may just decal the helms and leave tiger striping back in the 80's.
I'm still under a month in on the project with a chance of having 10 finished (up to the basing stage) by December.
My original goal was 5 figures but line painting just makes things so much easier IMHO, but it is a double edged sword, too much you get bored in the repetitive, too little you feel less determined starting from scratch.
That is just my opinion, there are those of us (oldhammer painters) which are perfectly content to paint a single figure at a time; to them I say bravo, but it's not for me. I hope to find a bottled colour to highlight the olive drab otherwise custom paint will be a pain. 
Thanks for reading; comments always welcome.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Void Dragons Part 2

I am 18 days into the project, to show for it I've gotten 2 serpent squads basecoated with the dark areas wash coated, and another 5 basic troopers dark parts base coated. 
My goal was to get 5 painted fully based, decaled, based and varnished by the end of the month, but I think it may be better to get as many of them basecoated and washed ready for highlights. We'Il see; these are a lot harder to paint than Skaven, lots of detail and plenty of room for freehand, fingers crossed. Fallout 4 and battlefront are out this month, not a good sign! 
Plasma gunner!