Friday, 3 July 2015

Throt the Unclean aka Verminlord Beastmaster Finished

Pretty pleased with him, I just hope I roll the "Extra Arm" personal chaos attribute, how cool would that fit?
The Bale-Eye, I was sorely tempted to try an OSL technique but I lack the skill and my power glove wasn't making it any easier. But, it does look warpstonish, maybe I'll play it as blinding glare magic armour? Or a warpstonish charm. 
It seems every weapon I paint lately looks better from the rear. Ah well c'est la vie. 
I tried to go for a bone pommel but in the photos it gets washed out.
And lastly WIP on the characters;
They're coming along, nearly time for an army/collection shot a la Pete Taylor in the armies book.
Thanks for looking and pls comment .
Enjoy your weekend Oldhammerers!

Warpsquealer #2 painting complete

A bit of a rush job but he turned out ok, I intended to paint him in all purple robes with some yellow accents but then realized he would be in LA Lakers garb which I cannot abide
And the back end 
And a work in progress shot of the other batch of personalities 
Thanks for looking