Thursday, 14 March 2013

Right. Just finished assembly on my ragtag band of rat-men. Apologies for the terrible photos they were taken with a cell phone.

I'm incredibly happy to be back in the modelling hobby. Weather permitting I should be hitting up some of these darlings with some lovely Army Painter spray primers. Until then cheers.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

On the Road to Skavenblight

After a long hiatus from 3rd edition Warhammer I've decided to jump back into the gaming pool. First up are my second Warhammer love; (the first being High Elves [don't judge me]) the foul skaven. Rummaging through my bits box (room?) I managed to drudge up a bag of Jes Goodwin goodness;

Inside I was able to piece together 20 Clanrats with spears and full command, 10 Plague Monks with full command, a pair of Plague Censer Bearers and a Warpfire Thrower (circa 4th edition). I'm hoping to hobble something together in order to play a 250pt game of skirmish before the end of April. Hopefully I'll have a pic or two of some assembled figs by Friday, until then; cheers.