Monday 18 May 2015

Scratchbuilt Black Skaven (sorta)

I'm pretty happy with my first attempt at a scratch built Skaven model. Well he's not really scratch built but hes got a scratch built spear shoulder pads helmet which for me is a step in the right direction.
actually it's a huge leap, gotta take the plunge and improve my meagre skills before tackling skitarii, alpha legion and renegades! 
I've never used green stuff to this kind of extent. I have honestly put 30 hours of my life into this figure so far.
It just seems like every time I pick him up I can tweak something here or put a little bit more liquid green stuff there. The fact of the matter is I could probably pour 30 more hours into him, now I just want to see him painted! I'm not happy really with the skull shoulder pad but it did teach me quite a lot.
I think this is how he would've turned out had he come out as a multi part plastic set and so we'll start here:
There definitely was a method to my madness when it came to assembling the halberd it was very simple;
I used a 1/16 drill bit and bored through the entire fist. I put a dollup of green stuff in the hole and fit in the long straight section of a paperclip.

From there it was just wrapped with extremely thin rubberized wiring, you don't have to be neat just keep the loops tight, grab a modelling knife and slide them up or down til they meet the fist.
The bottom end cap was taken from an old chaos beastmen plastic standard. Once these parts were assembled I pinned the arm in place; again with a paperclip. I used superglue and gave it a generous drying time. 

Only then did I pin the blade. I think it came from an old orc charioteer. I wanted the weapon to look as though it had two dedicated hand grips. I see the Skaven as being a much more hunched over tripedal race only raising up and clenching two handed weapons once their enemies are near. To emphasize that I wanted a metal disc base used for misleading unit numbers on charges and feints. I've also liked the look of thick rope surrounding the haft of two handed weapons and if you look closely it's nearly as thick as his forearm, pretty hard for a sword to hack through, and easy to trap a dagger in, leaving his opponent at his mercy, not something the Skaven are known for having in spades! 
The shoulder pads came from four rounds of trial and error all I can say is work in thin strips, let it dry (cure) and liquid green stuff is your friend. Liquid cement is not. If u ever need to glue something into green stuff efterwards I would recommend superglue. 
The rivets in the armour are again from an old nail decoration kit my wife discarded.
Don't get me wrong I still love my metal figs but I'll definitely be putting some cool little conversions into my next unit: the deadly (not really) +2 shock elite stormvermin with some plastic goodness.
Did I say Skaven finished by end of May? Well we are tricksy aren't we?
And I still gotta finish those nunchaku armed gutter runners. It never stops! 

Friday 15 May 2015

Hand Made Halberds

I know many of you are skilled scratch builders but I am not, and scratch building Halberds SUCKS. I made my 29th member out of plastic so I could use my champion as a hero with halberd.
Anyway I'm two hours in three failed attempts. We'll see

Saturday 2 May 2015

Black Skaven Progress Part 4

Just a quick post today, 15 black skaven finished, 5 to go. As much as I dislike the shock elites in 3rd edition, I must say it has been enjoyable painting up halberds.
The front rank looks especially menacing.
I've only managed to get 2 more of them done. I could say I put plastic skaven in here to save lead figs, 
But the fact is they paint up quite nice, I find anyway. 
 They hold washes so nicely, they also gave me the chance to paint red again. Can't lie, I love painting red and have been known to highlight it all the way up to yellow/white lol. 
Well, ca c'est fini for today, I'm quite embarrassed at the length of time this unit has taken. For that reason I'm going to continue with the skaven until the end of May, finish a little reward project, and then change gears. 
Im not bragging here but I own a ton of unpainted lead; 
at least 3000 points of Chaos Regiments, 
about 2,000 points in gobbos, orcs and their assorted accoutrements.
I also desperately want to get my eldar pirates (The Void Dragons, Eldritch Raiders sounds terrible!) started and finished, and of course my beloved Alpha Legion, coolest of all known chapters 😀redone.
For all these reasons and more I have to move on. Anyway happy weekend!