Monday, 24 November 2014

The state of Clan Scourge

Shields done! Finally! Batch painting 64 shields really sucks! I've also (mainly) finished my 2nd Warpfire thrower 
The idea into have 4 for the army and to have them all match their 'host' units. #2 is to go with my plague monks. 
I've also finished my 2k general:
Verminlord Xerxes. I was so happy to get my mitts on this model, perhaps I rushed to get him painted, but he turned out ok. I've tried to build the bases up on my heroes so they are more easily recognize able on the tabletop. 
So, with all of this done I'm left only with 
10 gutter runners and 20 black skaven with 4 animal handlers. I can't wait to see them done! 
I've also joined:
Where I'll be documenting the creation of my skaven allies but who will they be? 
Well I'm running a vote over there so head over and leave a comment dark elves or chaos. It's up to you!
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