Sunday, 17 August 2014

Today's progress: Plague

My finished unit of plague monks, 21 in total, an extra in case I want to throw in a plague censer bearer.
May I present warp squealer Festerlice, 15th level wizard and unit champion. After reading the rulebook I learned unit leaders MUST be placed in the centre of the front rank, for years I've been doing it wrong and placing the standard bearer there.
I also finally managed to finish;
And from the rear
It was fun to scratchbuild the base from 2x 20mm slotta bases and a strip of 2mm plasticard, I'm happy with the results, the verdigris could've been better but for a first try it's not too bad. It was also a pain getting the hoses to connect. I suppose I could've just thrown them on a cavalry base but after reading the armies book and learning they can join units in the same fashion as characters I had to make em fit on the 20x40, and it's well worth it as they are devastating when they score direct hits.
That's it for now, back to work for a stretch, on the horizon though are
My custom unit bases, very happy with these so far!
Feel free to comment, thanks for viewing!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Army Progress

Without further adieu...
Clan Scourge army progress includes 
52 Clanrats
42 Skavenslaves
19 Plague Monks 
2 Plague Censer Bearers 
6 Rat Ogres & 2 Beastmasters
1 Battle Standard Bearer 

Here's today's progress
4 Giant Rats
3 ginger Clanrats 
7 Clanrats of the brown variety 
Well that's it for now, with all this progress you'd think I was cramming for BOYL... :/ maybe next year. Good luck to those attending, especially warlord Snikkit and anyone playing for Khorne! I'm back on shift the next 6 days unfortunately so I won't be posting anything but I'll be reading ravenously for everyone's BOYL goodness.  

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Today's progress

21 Clanrats in various stages of completion. You can see my characters waiting patiently in the back with a pack of giant rats circa '96. I'd originally planned on a unit of 40 way back when but sadly only finished a handful. The rest are lost to the mists of time.
If ur familiar with these then you'll remember they come mounted on a strange oblong shape so I filled in the edges with green stuff and glued on the sand. They'll be used as unit fillers in my Clanrats and skaven slaves. I'm on a self imposed ban on eBay and I've got just enough figs to finish my 3k list. I'm going to try and keep the mojo going tomorrow through Thursday.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Battle Standard Bearer Finally Finished

Emissary Skrillix is finally finished, after 15+ hours of work. This would've been my entry into Chico's heraldry competition but real life got in the way. 
Some close ups
The standard
The 8 sided star and the unfortunate victim(?) making this a relic standard. 
And a shot from the rear (heh) for anyone interested. I'm fairly happy with it considering I'm new to plasticard, pinning, green stuff, and converting. I think the base is one of the nicest I've ever done. The more keen eyed of you will see the Roman numerals for 13 emblazoned on the rat's forehead on the banner. 
The trouble I have is that the vulture piece weighs a ton so every movement tray he stands on had to have an earth magnet glued down to stop him from tipping. I want to give a shout out to Nico for his banner tutorial without which I wouldn't have had the jam to even dream of getting Skrillix started.
Comments more than welcome.