Thursday, 7 August 2014

Army Progress

Without further adieu...
Clan Scourge army progress includes 
52 Clanrats
42 Skavenslaves
19 Plague Monks 
2 Plague Censer Bearers 
6 Rat Ogres & 2 Beastmasters
1 Battle Standard Bearer 

Here's today's progress
4 Giant Rats
3 ginger Clanrats 
7 Clanrats of the brown variety 
Well that's it for now, with all this progress you'd think I was cramming for BOYL... :/ maybe next year. Good luck to those attending, especially warlord Snikkit and anyone playing for Khorne! I'm back on shift the next 6 days unfortunately so I won't be posting anything but I'll be reading ravenously for everyone's BOYL goodness.  


  1. Cheers Dude, just off to bed now, it's well gone midnight here and I've finally finished painting, inking, packing and banner making!!!!!!

    Loving your progress with Clan Scourge!

    1. Best of luck crush utterly for the Underempire!

  2. Excellent progress, I love the ginger rats!
    I also like the way you have blended the different types of flocks on the bases. Might borrow that idea if you don't mind. :)
    As I can't make BOYL I'll have to get cracking painting my Skaven instead.

    1. The ginger rats are a lot of fun.. Too much so in fact.... My slaves are teeming with them .Which I suppose makes sense....nobody likes a ginger. Kidding. Speaking of kidding did u say get cracking? You're regular pace is more than what I aspire to. With this batch finished however I've only got 15 more figures to paint and my 1500 point list c'est fini. Against my own better judgement I dropped the gutter runners for rat ogres we'll see how it plays out. Not well I'm guessing but time will tell.

  3. Looking great as usual! Glad to see you are still having fun! Finally making some progress on my output for Oldhammer Day USA - Ruglud's almost sorted! Keep it up!

    1. Cash flow permitting (this is a strike year) I'll be invading Baltimore with Clan Scourge, we'll put Ruglud's renown status to the test!