Sunday 17 August 2014

Today's progress: Plague

My finished unit of plague monks, 21 in total, an extra in case I want to throw in a plague censer bearer.
May I present warp squealer Festerlice, 15th level wizard and unit champion. After reading the rulebook I learned unit leaders MUST be placed in the centre of the front rank, for years I've been doing it wrong and placing the standard bearer there.
I also finally managed to finish;
And from the rear
It was fun to scratchbuild the base from 2x 20mm slotta bases and a strip of 2mm plasticard, I'm happy with the results, the verdigris could've been better but for a first try it's not too bad. It was also a pain getting the hoses to connect. I suppose I could've just thrown them on a cavalry base but after reading the armies book and learning they can join units in the same fashion as characters I had to make em fit on the 20x40, and it's well worth it as they are devastating when they score direct hits.
That's it for now, back to work for a stretch, on the horizon though are
My custom unit bases, very happy with these so far!
Feel free to comment, thanks for viewing!


  1. These are looking great - good to see the horde is expanding nicely.

    Could have done with a few movement trays for the siege game - moving 120 Goblins by hand is not funny!

    1. Cheers Sir,
      Yes, the horde does grind on, but it's not all grim (or dark); I've got some fun units yet to come especially for my 3k list.
      I don't want to think about moving 120 goblins one at a time. My movement trays finally forced me to try using plasticard; in hindsight though they've been a lot of work, would've been much easier buying the GW ones. But then I would feel dirty.

    2. Great work, loving it all dude. What's wrong with feeling dirty? You're a Skaven after all lol!

    3. Lol you know what I mean. You guys were lucky in the 80's cheap figs by sculpters who didn't have their hands tied by management, issues of white dwarf that weren't just catalogues. I came in at the end of all that in 4th edition. I went into gw to buy a pot of undercoat black and I was immediately set upon. Once I told them I only play 3rd his attitude changed to yeah whatever, so I said fuck you and your elitest bullshit. I went to the dollar store and got 118ml of black paint for 1.14 CDN. I'm done with GW, fuck em.

  2. I just wanted to say, the Monks look great. I know your painting has improved as you got these guys all painted in, and this unit looks great. Can't wait to see them in person! 5 weeks! But I think the monks might be your best unit so far!

  3. Hey thanks. Oddly enough the monks were the least work of all, the entire army apart from Festerlice has been nothing more than a basecoat/wash paint job, just enough to get them table ready. Festerlice got a couple highlights here and there but nothing crazy. I've only two more figs to polish off and 1500pts are done, well except shields.
    Damned shields!

  4. Great looking Skaven horde! I'm interested how you make the edges to your movement trays?

    1. Hey thanks for asking. They were made using evergreen 2.5mm quarter round cemented to 1mmx2.5mm plasticard stripping with tamiya thin.
      The quarter round no longer comes in 3 and 1/2 mm which is the exact heigh of a fantasy slotta base.
      Hope this answered your questions.