Wednesday, 24 September 2014

1500pts Skaven Finished

Well I'm halfway to my 3k goal, it's been a long road going back to March of '13. 
Here are some close ups 
Warpfire thrower
General/BSB escort Clanrats 
And my personal (aesthetic) favourite: rat ogres! 
Here's the army list:
20 Hero: Magically Inscribed light armour, shield, parasitic spear
15 Wizard
10 Hero: Light armour, shield, spear
5 Hero: BSB, relic banner, light armour, shield
20 plague monks: light armour, mus/stn relic banner
24 Clanrats: light armour, shield, spear mus/stn
23 Clanrats: light armour, shield, spear mus/stn
40 Skavenslaves: slings, spears mus/stn
4 warplock jezzailachis
1 Warpfire thrower
3 rat ogres & 3 beastmasters with shields
All I've gotta do now are the shields, which I've salvaged from the bitz bin from an old Vampire Counts army that was stolen from me 8 years ago. 
I'm so shit with green stuff I can't even make small circles for f*cks sake. Oh well. 
That's it for now. I won't be posting anything else for awhile; I've thrown out my back yet again at work so no pronged sitting for me. Looks as though my trip to Baltimore may be off as well .
Time will tell. All the best and thanks for stopping by.