Monday, 3 March 2014

Champions of Khorne

The iPhoto's are quite shitty but I'm too tired to give a damn. I'm happy with the results you will have to take my word that the brass/gold isn't choppy. 
This last one isn't quite done but you get the idea. I've 5 more to do (luckily) but I'm going back to skaven. The army is 1/3rd of the way done and is like to see it finished by August. 
This was a fun vacation project to get me back on track though. 
Good to be back. 


  1. Those Goodwin Khornish boys are a pure delight to paint, I painted mine last summer and it really was a joy. I love you reds an dth efirst one (with houndface) looks splendidly sinister with his bright red/dark tones contrast.

  2. Nice looking Khornate warriors. I like the depth of the shading and the shiny gold and red.