Monday 24 November 2014

The state of Clan Scourge

Shields done! Finally! Batch painting 64 shields really sucks! I've also (mainly) finished my 2nd Warpfire thrower 
The idea into have 4 for the army and to have them all match their 'host' units. #2 is to go with my plague monks. 
I've also finished my 2k general:
Verminlord Xerxes. I was so happy to get my mitts on this model, perhaps I rushed to get him painted, but he turned out ok. I've tried to build the bases up on my heroes so they are more easily recognize able on the tabletop. 
So, with all of this done I'm left only with 
10 gutter runners and 20 black skaven with 4 animal handlers. I can't wait to see them done! 
I've also joined:
Where I'll be documenting the creation of my skaven allies but who will they be? 
Well I'm running a vote over there so head over and leave a comment dark elves or chaos. It's up to you!
Thanks for stopping by and please comment below! 


  1. Looking awesome!

    I've got a bucket load of the Dude you've picked as your general and wouldn't be adverse to a trade if you wanted more, however, if he's your General I suspect you may want to keep using that mini to a mimimum.

    1. Cheers mate,
      It's been hard to pick up OG sculpts, not ones which were used in 4th and 5th edition.
      What I'm really after are some more of the Clanrats sculpts with shields above their heads. Oh and of course the sculpt carrying a two handed flail, but I'm sure every skaven collector is after those !

    2. Indeed, I think i was up to 13 at last count, need 4 or so more

  2. Great looking force, can't wait to see it finished :)

  3. First rate looking force. Great looking Skaven. Delighted to be following this blog, and looking forward to seeing both your ratmen force increase in size as well as your 'tale of several gamers' army :-)

  4. Hey man thanks for joining! I look forwards I wah t you get up to as well over at the Tale. Hoping to have some of these finished by Christmas!

  5. Great to see you getting closer to your goal. And the shields all look ace! Especially the General's! If I may cast a vote, I would throw down with Dark Elves simply because Dark Elves and Skaven look amazing together and they both scurry!

  6. Thanks you sir, the shields took awhile but they turned out ok in the end.
    Thanks for casting a vote as well that's 2-0 for the druchii