Saturday 28 February 2015

2400 Points Painted

I've finally reached 2,465 points finished, no really finished; painted, varnished (by hand) based and with movement trays.
I even managed to get a standard finished:
Well pretty much finished, greenstuff still has to cure but meh. I'm happy with it, it's all done by hand (obvious).
I was up at 6am to get it all ready for today's encounter, after all, it is rather rude to not put as much effort into your army as your opponent has in theirs. I have rather large boots to fill as my opponent's greenskins belong in the heavy metal pages. 
Battle report to follow; onwards to victory Clan Scourge!


  1. They look terrifying! Good luck looking your hordes into action against the enemy.

    P.S. I dig the Black Rabbit of Inle standard.

    1. It was supposed to be the great horned rat but I guess it's a fail.

  2. Nice work!


  3. I can attest as a first hand witness that on the field of battle, Clan Scourge looks amazing. There is complete and utter unity in the appearance of all the units. The individual paint jobs look great. And 24_Cigs is a connoisseur when it comes to selecting sculpts.

  4. Thanks Sully, but your paint jobs FAR outstrip my meagre Clan. I am flattered by your praise Sir.