Sunday, 8 February 2015

Verminlord Xerxes Ascended

In my last game Verminlord Xerxes, my army 2nd in command did an outstanding job slaying all orcs set before him and as a result earned the name: Orc Hewer. I've never been one to give a hero a title, besides the one which comes compulsory with rank. (Chieftain, Warlord, Verminlord etc) until he's earned it of course.
As a reward for his efforts in my next 150pt game he has been promoted to 2oth level, earned the snazzy new title Sewer Tyrant and has earned some fancy magical upgrades. Of course, most importantly he's been replaced with a much cooler fig and paint job;
I'm very pleased with how his base turned out
The cloak took 2 cracks at it to get it as I wanted, quite chuffed actually.
The green 'warp stone' inlay was a bit of a bugger to get right but clearly (to me) indicates its' magical origin.
Of course one side had to turn out better than the other, ah well such is life
I initially attempted to paint a cloudy warp gas effect on the poison globes but after a couple of tries I settled for this. I still quite like it.
My initial plan called for a lightning patern on the 'warp blade' but in the end I settled on a fine line highlight; not my best but I've learned if I touch something up more often than not I'll bugger it up and so I say job's a good 'un.
I've been desperately trying to figure out if this bloke has an official GW/Citadel name at his time of release. If anyone can help me out that would be great. 
Hopefully this post will garner some comments as my last two submissions went tits up as it were. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
Cheers, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ahhhhh, now you're talking, that chap's also my Warlord - Varl Snickit.

    I've been laying off the painting/blogging of late after overloading at the turn I the year.

    1. Snikkit makes his triumphant return. Glad to see you back sir. Yes this figure was too good to pass up on, simply had to have him leadingy hordes into battle!

  2. Excellent paint job. I have the same model in my leadpile, and I hope I'll be able to do it half as much justice (when I finally get around to painting it!).

    1. I'm sure your efforts will far outstrip mine sir. It's all about time patience and pushing your comfort level a bit every time you paint a character.
      Always remember that any model no matter how fantastically painted will always look just soso unless you lavish as much attention into its' base. That's the adage my entire skaven army is based on and it's worked well for me.

  3. Citadel Journal Spring 86 he was released and named as "Malis Manwrack" and was for some reason released in the Flame Thrower crew blister.

    1. I've no idea why he would fit in with that pack, I was lucky and pulled him from ebay a long while ago. I promised myself I wouldn't paint him until the bulk of the infantry were painted. Now that time has come and gone and painting the last 50 troops is excruciating.

    2. yeah, I have no idea why either, just one of those crazy ideas they had I guess.

      Read through all your blog, a great example of how to collect and paint up an army over a year or so, well done.

      Now I just have to wait for my Skaven I brought off eBay to arrive so I can start my retro themed clan for Hero Quest.....