Friday, 15 May 2015

Hand Made Halberds

I know many of you are skilled scratch builders but I am not, and scratch building Halberds SUCKS. I made my 29th member out of plastic so I could use my champion as a hero with halberd.
Anyway I'm two hours in three failed attempts. We'll see


  1. Good luck, 24_C and keep at it!

    I'm terrible at scratch building too. Literally, the only thing I've ever successfully scratch built was a circumcised dick. Take that, Spam Filter!

    1. Lol thanks Sul I needed that, I really did. He's coming along although I've just realized my gutter runner all need nunchaku. Fuck my life.
      Oh and I've been so bad at GW lately I'm disgusted with myself. Despite the brave face I may put up the shiny boxes still scream to me "ooh a piece of candy, ooh a piece of candy, ooh a piece of candy, ooh a piece of candy" until, well u get the idea.
      Good news is I have a new skitarii army.
      Bad news is I have s new skitarii army.
      Awesome thing is they will look freaking awesome beside my Alpha Legion

    2. I can't wait to see your skitarii. We've got to get together soon.

      Giving nunchaku to your gutter rats is a great idea. I've always loved the vaguely eastern feel to Skaven. I'm glad you're bringing it out. We all need a little more ninja in our lives.

    3. I've tried to ensure my gutter runners are all carrying one piece tang-less swords similair to the ancient ninja blades, I would like a few carrying nunchaku purely for comedic value, I have a couple carrying paired katana. I aspire to create one carrying a bow staff two handed. I've also been lucky enough to get s set of 5 shields with the eschin clenched dagger motif. But will I get it all done by the end of May? Does it matter if I'm having fun?
      Yes my friend it has been too long, libations, dice throwing,
      meta-game conversations and the effectiveness of general veers in empirial assault MUST be be undertaken sooner rather than later!