Saturday, 12 March 2016

Happy birthday Ashtray

It's been 4 years since my simple little blog got started; in fact my last post was my100th, a poor one at that; however I've finished my third Eldar squad, a much needed dragon squad with heavy melta gun! 
They turned out ok 
Leader close up, I can't explain how nervous I was sitting his eye but I think it turned out pretty good
The formation grows...
Here's a shot of my latest acquisitions; I hate " look what I got" posts but it's my birthday so Excuse me.
A massive reinforcement has just arrived in the post and I couldn't be happier. 
Looks as though I'll not be changing gears army wise, The Eldar are my army for 2016 and it should be well over 5k once completed. 
My good "All things role playing" mate died in a bike accident, today is his birthday, 
We love you Lighter! (on right) even though you played sisters of battle, you are missed brother! 
Thanks for reading 


  1. I'm sorry for your loss.

    The eldar are looking great and are a tempting army to collect! So much Goodwin goodness!

    1. Aye, goodwin's talent is what appeals to me most about the army, such a gifted sculpture.

  2. Congrats! Looking lovely, and so much yet to come!

    1. Yes Suber there is even more classic Eldar packed away waiting for the brush, getting it all finished by the end of year may be a challenge

  3. Mate;

    Happy birthday to your blog!

    Your Eldar are looking bloody amazing, I really love what you are doing with them

    And as per Blue's words, I ma really sorry about your loss, its very sad

  4. Yes some times bad things happen to good people but so long as you remember and pray for them they are never far from you.
    I'm glad you are digging my Eldar they are a real chore to churn out.
    This looks like the main project for 2016

  5. Happy belated blog birthday! Your Eldar look awesome! Sorry about your friend. I know how it is to lose a good buddy.

    1. Thanks Mr Mouse, I'd like to say the Eldar were a labour of love but they weren't. They were a pain in the ass. Thanks for your condolences, it's always tough around this time of year.

  6. Sorry for the late birthday greetings. I was travelling, and then got quite ill when I returned home. I'm just coming up for air now.

    100 posts! That's a great accomplishment! Congrats! Your latest minis look great - I love that leader. The little bit of red in him makes a nice touch. And the face is excellent.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend Lighter. Thanks for sharing that. It must be hard.

    Hope to see you soon.

    1. Thanks sully glad you're on the mend. The Eldar are looking better hopefully the quality continues as the army grows.
      Thanks for the condolences, it means a lot.
      We must get a game in soon!

    2. Those Eldar are gorgeous. Having off the scene for a while I've not seen this force appear and take shape but they're really nice. Now that I'm back I look forward to seeing more!

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