Thursday, 12 January 2017

From small beginnings...

Low and behold, the fledgling vanguard of my Hive Fleet; Spectre with around two hours of work put in using a fast wash approach. These will be used in my amigo's excellent dark Heresy game soon hypothetically. I know they're not strictly speaking oldhammer but they've got an OG hybrid and a trio of ripperjacks from the necromunda Wyrd Beastmaster range; hard to find figs for a reasonable price; not one to brag but I got them in a job lot for 15 cents for all 3, Oh happy day. They look like GW versions of face-huggers ala Aliens to me. They're a bit big for 28mm but they are absolutely perfect fo Inquisitor 54mm, a game which I am positively enamoured by. The sculpts themselves are quite nice, a shame WYRD beastmasters were not popular in necromunda as these are the first I've laid eyes on in person. 
This army is an exercise in speed painting, they've all taken to the wash very well. The most fun I've had in awhile was putting the ripperswarms onto 40mm circular bases, the lines are quite clean with no sediment overlapping on them and I believe their poses give the illusion of movement. 
There is a good selection of vanguard organisms here; stealers with feeder tendrils, implant attacks, scything talons and rending claws which will add some diversity in the darkheresy game and provide a bit of spice in the painting. Ive included a lictor just because they're my favourite tyrannid organism of all time, the OG sculpt with feeder tendril is NOT my fave but I do love the deathleaper! Some rippers with spine fists will provide a little ranged action for the GM and keep the players on their toes.
I've got three battleforces lying around, if I continue to enjoy painting them I might crack em open, speed paint em up and hypothetically re-enact the tyrannid attack on Iyanden against my Eldar space pirates; that would be grand indeed! 
Another 6 hours I would say at the most before they are playable; I've come to the realization that as a father I must tightly budget hobby time; I've got to start using speed painting techniques or I'll have nothing to show for it and after 2016's dismal performance I've got to step it up. These figures aren't going to win any golden daemons but the only way to get better at speed painting is to practice, but once you can speed paint the hobby world is your oyster.
Do you like the effect thus far? I'm digging it especially considering the quick turn around. 
Hope you're all enjoying the new year and thanks for stopping by! 


  1. They look just grand, 24_C! They will be useful in any number of games.

    Isn't it funny how satisfying speed painting can be? Recently, I speed painted a bunch of monsters for Mansions of Madness, and even though they took only a few minutes each (and more or less look like shit) I was as proud of them as anything that I've ever painted.

  2. Sully I seriously doubt anything you paint looks like shit. I'm dying to get some more time at the hobby station but I'm dead tired. hopefully practicing new techniques will pay off and I'll be able to crank out decent looking forces with a quick turn around.