Friday, 27 January 2017

Speedpainting complete

Well lesson learned. Speedpainted tyranids is completed and, well, 
They look kind of shitty
But isn't the idea of a speed paint to get shit done? 
I've seen worse painted nids and they look alright packed together in a swarm 
Sadly the speed paint technique worked best on the little dudes so big daddy looks kind of crayoned which sucks but good enough for RPG 
Kind of disappointing. Onto the next!
Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. I think they look good! I have a box of the old school genestealers in the lead mountain that I want to start on this year. I've been putting them off for a long time because I can't decide whether to go with the classic purple people eaters look or shoot for a black/white/grey/steel Giger's Alien sort of scheme...what do you think?

    1. I've seen the Giger theme fail too many times but I think you've got the skill set to pull it off. I'm a big fan of the classic blue/purple but I wanted something quick.
      Good luck with what you decide, I vote for the Giger theme! It could lead you down a hobby path full of opportunities!

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  3. Oh man I love that blue carapace. I can't believe you called these minis shitty. They look fantastic! Even if they weren't speed painted, you should't be ashamed of those.
    (Incidentally, one of the things I like about going to miniature conventions like Hot Lead for is that you play with many, many different levels of miniature painting over the course of a weekend, and it shows you that the quality of the paintjob has no correlation to the fun of the game).

  4. You are to kind sir sully. The whole force is just basecoat a and washes; thebje came out very mottledbut im glad you like the effect, they actually look kind of cool when they're all mashed together but otherwise I'm not very happy with them.
    In my last dark Heresy session a air of stealers were used and it honesty brought the game down, the crappy paint jobs made the game a lot less fun maybe I'm a bit spoiled because I only play with painted figs, 3D terrain and excellent floor tiles from Rackham before they went bust.
    You must understand where I'm coming from; you're the only Edson I know that plays with authentic painted talisman figs.....
    God to hear from you I really want to get into inertia assaut because I don't already have enough on my plate.