Monday, 6 October 2014


Shields part 1
Here we have a basic vampire counts shield circa 2000ish. They were supposed to be used for an undead army...that was stolen from me at GW Scarborough. Whatever, they're better used here anyway
Those of u in the know realize the majority of oldlead skaven have an obtrusive knob on their left arm presumably for a shield. The simplest thing to do would be to bore the centre cap out of said shield and afix it to said model, many would do so before the priming stage. This has become common practice, after all who would know u hadn't painted what is covered by a shield? Well, I would, and that is what counts. I suppose I took the road less travelled: 

My wife in her infinite wisdom acquired these on eBay for her nails and found them...lacking, however they have proven usefully to me. 
Here are the backside of the shields, because well u know, it matters. 
Hopefully have these done by Nov. 1st.

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  1. Bang on, the original shields had holes in them and the "knob" became the shield boss that in real world days of yore, along with the metal frame around the outside kept the whole thing together and kept it strong enough to take something like an axe blow and not shatter.

    Sadly those old shields are redonculously expensive these days, your approach (sans nifty nail bits) is the one most take these days by reappropriating other shields from elsewhere.