Tuesday 23 June 2020

WHFB3rd Beastmen Infantry Update

It’s been a long month or so since the last post. TBH I’m over this project, sitting down to lay paint on these figs has become more pain than pleasure. In fact the first draft of this post read as being a bit whiney; why am I taking so long, I have other stuff to work on, excuses for not painting. Blah blah blah. Well nobody wants to read that. I’ve hoarded armies. I have an injury. These are obstacles, not insurmountable challenges.
They actually look ok from 4 feet away.  I have another standard bearer to convert (because I’m not paying over $100 on eBay for the BSB that I want).
This one wasn’t too bad, I’ll just do another with a different plastic banner.
Next up will be a general, couple heroes and a wizard; that’s not too bad. Then I get to move onto some big guys. Hopefully it will be a nice change and will encourage me to speed up a bit. I hope next month’s post will have a finished army to present. My good friend has gotten into epic 40k, I’d like to join in. There’s got to be some of that in this shameful collection. 
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  1. I know the feeling well when painting just becomes a chore. In any case, they're looking great. When I get hobby burnout but still want to achieve something, I usually smash out something really easy (scatter terrain usually) to give myself a kind of false sense of achievement, which usually gives me a boost.

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  4. I feel like these beastmen will like the taste of orc.