Thursday, 19 September 2013


It took me near an hour to finish this f*cking scroll. 
That being said do I leave it "blank" or free hand something at risk of ruining it?


  1. A difficult poser, you've spent that much time on it now though, seems a waste to leave it blank.............

  2. Not happy with the result to be honest. Should never have spent that much time on it when I've got 136 of them to paint. Still it was nice to get away from rank and file for a bit. I'm sure u can relate with the horde you've got. What is the actual body count on your side?

  3. At present it's about 250 painted and a bunch more to be painted, I'm away at the moment but will give a better breakdown when I get back but the split is about 120 clan rats, 30 stormvermin/black skaven, 50+ slaves, 20 plague monks, 10+ eshin troops, a 7 weapons teams, 7 jezzails, 10 or so globadiers and a smattering of warlocks and seers.

  4. As the kids say; that shit's cray.
    Good for you though that's very impressive.
    Can't even begin to understand the time invested in a clan that size.