Saturday, 21 September 2013

Churning on

No large update today just a handful of rats finished.
I was really into painting up these plague monks until I ran across the scroll on the one pose. 
Damned scroll.
Any time I saved from their shoulder to toe robes has easily been negated by the twice damned scrolls.
No wonder a warp scroll costs 100 points; it's a point per minute painting it up!
Anyway enough bitching. I've got 34 skaven painted up so far which puts me 1 up on my 1 a day challenge.
I'm on pace to have the army finished by Christmas.
Now that would be a gift!


  1. Looking truly awesome, I really need to get my plague monks sorted out, there are far too many unfinished models (plus I just won 5 more on ebay whoop whoop!!!!!). I think they shall be my next project. Them or rebasing my giant rats...........

    1. Beware, beware the foul denizens of clan pestilens.....
      Long have they lured unwitting painters with their promises of fast and easy paint jobs only to pounce upon their victims with their foul scrolls of no detail; causing calamity and the air around the painter to become streaked with blue.
      Beware friend beware.
      That being said; the next time I paint up one of those scrolls I'm going to carve out a big gash and remodel on a couple folds with green stuff just to add some depth.
      Good luck I too have made some purchases on eBeast however they have been of the more pointy eared variety.....

  2. Having a full army done by Christmas would indeed be a gift! Glad your progress is going so well....