Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Everybody Skaven!

Even the local hardware store is feeling it!
So, I would never recommend a product; especially to members of a community far more venerable than I. But, I have to say, I've used a boatload of paint strippers and this by far has been the best.
There is no indoor plumbing in the under empire!
This stuff stripped these guys in under 24 hours. I was loathe to test this stripper on anything I really cared about so just bunged in some 14yr old goliaths and some 5th edition chaos marauders. I didn't realize the champ of Khorne was in there til it was too late.
They came out pretty damn fine; better than anything else I've seen in such a short stretch of time.
Except on these buggers. I got em off eBay a while ago; dunno what their previous owner(s) could've used for primer but they definitely had longevity in mind.
So back in they go!
They'll be amongst good company: Stormvermin, plague monks, and a future allies contingent..........
Until next time!


  1. Looks like good stuff, you should consider becoming a supplier to the community, do a rough calculation of the stuff plus shipping and let it be known!

  2. I've read online a great deal about something called dettol? What is this stuff?

  3. It's a disinfectant floor cleaner, it's good for plastic as well as metal but it can take sometime

    1. Cheers. I've only used oven cleaner on plastics. Usually with good results.
      Another good product is LePage wood stripper; I don't know if it's available across the pond.
      I'm curious as to your take on plague censer bearer, verminlord chambers makes next to no mention of them in WD 137. Are they worth their points? I know they deploy before goblin fanatics which I guess gives them an edge.
      Let me know what you think.

  4. Only ever used them a couple of times in 3rd. They can ne useful but remember you're going to have a tightly packed battle line. They never gave me any problems but the law of averages dictates you're going to have a mare with them sooner or later

  5. You do have the follower gadget! Deep joy! (makes sense if you have read your intro thread on the Oldhammer forum)

    Don't encourage Snickit, he has got 13 Jezzails the cheesy rat!

  6. Oi seƱor Paul
    Ye canne ken what it means tae us te have ye aboard. N e welsh fan n awll.
    Slice a life mate. Slice a life.
    As for Snikkit's jezzailachis....
    The mair the merrier nae

  7. Nice. I used to use celulose thinners. Nasty smelling stuff. I now use Fairy Power spray. Just chuck my models in a jar for 24-48 hours and its the paint comes off with a light scrub with a nail brush. Does plastic too.