Saturday, 5 October 2013

Slow and steady wins....bugger all.

After a bit of a hiatus I've finally managed to sit down and lay some paint.
6 rank and file. Meh. 
This puts me 3 behind on my "1 a day challenge". I don't know when I'll be able to catch up but I'm committed to getting 3k on the table by Christmas; painted, based and varnished. 
I'm more than tempted to jump into Orctober fest over at Ernie's place, I've got a ton of wolf riders, chariots, stikkas, bug uns; basically a ton of green-skins of all kinds sitting in a box waiting for attention but I refuse to break course.
I want, nay, I need to see what happens with 50 levels in wizards on the table. That is my motivation. 


  1. Keep at it! 3000 points of Skaven will be a sight to behold.

    Greenskins are pretty cool too though... ; )

  2. Stick with it Dude, it's worth it in the end I promise, voice of experience talking lol!

  3. Looking good so far. Remember, Skavenblight wasn't built in a day!

    1. To be fair WP they didn't even build it anyway, why do the work yourself when slaves can do it for you? Sadly I don't think it's allowed these days so 24 will just have to slog through it himself!

  4. Thanks guys. I've banned myself from GTA 5 hopefully that will free up some painting time.