Friday, 11 October 2013

Back on track

During the past couple of days I've had time to catch up and get a 4th infantry unit started. 
Clan Scourge thus far:
Couldn't really fit the them all in one shot side by each. I'm content with my progress thus far; I've broken even with my self imposed "1-A-Day Challenge" which brings the total to 53, big enough to get in a 500pt game which is incidentally the "cap" my friend and I have put on our skirmish scenario. 
The Clan's most recent addition:
I've also gotten my second batch of figs stripped:
Just a couple :) I would recommend not stripping so many figs in one batch; spraying them with dish soap and going over them with a toothbrush to remove the stripping agent got old real quick. 
I have no idea what the dark elves' previous owner used for primer but it came off in ribbons, I've never seen that before. 
There are 17 Stormvermin in there circa 1997; I plan on using them as black skaven. I've never been a fan of plus shock elite especially not when they're only 1 point more than regular rank and file but I digress.
On the gaming front:
My friend and I are working on some home brew rules for dungeon fights complete with traps, bound creatures victory conditions etc. We're going to playtest them using orcs & goblins, undead, chaos, empire, wood elves and dwarves @ 230pts and all in the same dungeon design. I'm not sure when it's will happen but I'll try and keep you all posted.
Until then.


  1. Looking excellent Hombre! Don't be afraid of the elites, they can take Magic Standards and Relic Banners make them immune to panic. Try a few games without that benefit and then add it in, after that you won't leave home without them! I'm desperately trying to get together a reasonable sized unit of 3rd edition Stormvermin (just using the dude with the flail) because I'm that in love with Relic Banners! Loving your work 24, keep it up!

    1. I'm in agreement with you; in my prototype 3k list I've got black skaven, plague monks and BSB all toting relic banners as their benefit can't be argued. I've only got a pair of the old school flail carriers enroute via eBeast... I do hope we don't end up bidding against one another! I've just always found that the plus shock elites can greatly set the game off balance especially those dned wood elves.

  2. Yeah but Ratsie ones aren't that elite. I have about 10 of them painted and have two or three unpainted. If I get them done and add a command group it'll 15 or 16 strong so not so badly sized but I want another 4 or 5 of them, I've got lots of staff sling ones...............

  3. Hey Ray Bro, check this guys blog, I'm his only follower which is a pity, lush mini's and awesome terrain

  4. That was supposed to be Rat not Ray.............