Thursday, 24 October 2013

Return to the Northern Wastes

It feels good to back in the Northern Wastes, the desert sun doesn't suit my Norse blood in the slightest. 
I've gotten 57 skaven infantry painted which puts me 6 behind. I'm not going to bother with pics; I'm sure you're all bored of seeing my mediocrely painted Clanrats and Skavenslaves. Once I have caught back up on my "1 a day cahallenge" I am going to treat myself to a character, most likely a wizard (my 3k list calls for 3 of them).
He's warlock with staff 2. He'll get some extra tlc. I hope the finished result will be worth a pic or two. 
In the meantime here's some pics of the Hoover Dam. If they don't inspire you to whip up some rogue trader terrain I don't know what will! 

If I had the skill/time/patience/room/drugs? I would love to build a set of these. To me they are so much cooler than the typical space marine "statues" you see so often nowadays. 

also found a really cool spot for a sabre-duel, Vader needs his own show in vegas anyway! 

Some panoramas
View to the chasm below 

The general landscape itself screams 
sci-fi to me ala Arakis, Tattooine, Mars etc.
Hopefully these will give someone out there some inspiration!


  1. It does motivate me to build some RT scenery (especially sme nice statues like the ones you show) but it also makes me want to do another game of Fallout New Vegas...
    Great pics

    1. Fallout New Vegas - that is a great game. Played that ALOT. The pics really brings one back and amazing how close to reality they done it in the game.

      Great photos!